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IP Camera Viewer – iOS – Device Support List

IP Camera Viewer for iOS supports the following cameras, DVRs and NVRs.

If your device is not listed, then use “Scan Camera” (located in Manage Cameras) to automatically find compatible drivers in the app.

If Scan Camera returns no results, then try to lookup driver by DVR port.

Note: See the Android Device Support List if you don’t see your camera here since it’s more comprehensive. The iOS version supports the same cameras.

Updated 04/01/2020 with v3.5.4

Camera Type P
Generic RTSP over HTTP          
Generic RTSP over HTTPS          
Generic RTSP over TCP          
Generic RTSP over TCP (w/SSL)          
Generic RTSP over UDP          
Generic URL (e.g.            
Generic Video URL          
(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera  
(Unknown Brand) P2P Cloud ID (Eye4)      
(Unknown Brand) P2P Cloud ID (P2PCam_HD)      
(Unknown Brand) P2P Cloud ID (P2PWIFICAM)      
(Unknown Brand) 1King H361    
2Direct WC0030 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
2M IB-CAM-G22xx compatible with ‘Icy Box IB-CAM200x RTSP’
2N Helios IP        
360Eye V380 compatible with ‘Ubiquiti AirCam RTSP’
3R Prestige DVR          
3R PRT04 compatible with ‘3R Prestige DVR’
3rd Eye NC6200    
3rd Eye NC6200 w/ P2P Port          
3S Security Camera          
3S Security NVR        
3SVision N Series    
3svision N6071 compatible with ‘TELCA TC-9751’
3xLogic Vigil Server          
4SDOT 4S-b05w-720p compatible with ‘Snooperscope v1’
4UCAM IP Camera          
4XEM W Series    
(Unknown Brand) 540TVL 10X PTZ            
7Links IPC-260    
7Links IPC-380    
7Links IPC-440HD    
7Links IPC-770HD    
7Links IPC-800 compatible with ‘7Links IPC-380’
7Links PX3615  
7Links RoboCam III  
(Unknown Brand) 8204/S/V DVR          
(Unknown Brand) 9404/9808 DVR PC Card          
A-Link IPC1  
A-Link IPC2  
A-Link IPC3  
A-MTK AMxxxx Series  
A.V. Sistemi 61xx DVR    
AbelCam WebCam (2)      
AbelCam WebCam Server            
ABS CamV compatible with ‘ABS MegaCam 4Series’
ABS MegaCam 3Series      
ABS MegaCam 4Series      
ABUS Digi-Lan TV7204    
ABUS Digi-Lan TV7206    
ABUS Digi-Lan TV7230    
ABUS Digi-Lan TV7230 v2    
ABUS IPCB7250    
ABUS TV21550    
ABUS TV21552 compatible with ‘ABUS TV21550’
ABUS TVIP11000    
ABUS TVIP11560      
ABUS TVIP41550    
ABUS TVIP51550    
ABUS TVIP61560    
ABUS TVIP62000            
ABUS TVIP71500    
ABUS TVIP82900    
ABUS TVIP92600  
ABUS TVVR25000 compatible with ‘Vitek VT-EH8’
ACESEE AS-Nxxxx NVR        
ACESEE AS-Nxxxx NVR (2)          
ACESEE HD-IP Camera          
Acromedia HD Pro            
Acromedia IN-009  
Acromedia IN-010  
Acromedia IN/EX Series  
ACTI ACM 3401 compatible with ‘ACTi IP Camera’
ACTi ACM-1231 compatible with ‘ACTi IP Camera’
ACTI ACM1431          
ACTi CAM-51×0            
ACTI CAM-7200          
ACTi IP Camera  
ACTi NVR H.264          
ACTi NVR v3.0          
ACTi TCM-7811 compatible with ‘ACTi IP Camera’
ACTIO AC6317 compatible with ‘Shixin IP-510H’
Activa ACT-2800/3100  
Active Vision ACC-V11      
Active Vision SX-1200      
Active Vision SX-1200      
Active Vision SX-360          
Active Vision SX-360(2)          
Active Vision SX-414          
Active Vision SX-461/471          
Active Vision SX-500      
Active WebCam          
Acumen B/I/J/K/L/M/O/P/R/U/V/Y/Z Series compatible with ‘Merit Lilin iMEGAPRO Camera’
AData Apollo HD DVR    
ADT A-ADT4HS2          
ADT A-ADT8H/16H          
ADT DYK4500          
AESUN AE-H2008V compatible with ‘Vonnic DKSY0804D’
Afreey ANC Series  
Agasio A502W/A602W compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Agasio A522W compatible with ‘EasySE H2’
Agasio A622W compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Agasio M105I compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
aGear PT2MW compatible with ‘AirLive IP-200’
aGear PTWW264 compatible with ‘AirLive IP-200’
AgileMesh G1        
AgileMesh G2      
(Unknown Brand) AHD DVR          
AirBeam for iOS          
AirBeam for iOS v2          
Airlink AIC250 Series    
Airlink AIC600W        
Airlink AICAP650 Series    
Airlink AICN500 Series  
Airlink AICP310 Series    
Airlink SkyIPCam 747 Series  
Airlink SkyIPCam 777 Series  
Airlink WL-2000        
AirLive BC-5010    
AirLive BU-3025    
AirLive BU/DM-720  
AirLive CoreNVR 9        
AirLive CU/CW-720  
AirLive FE-200          
AirLive FE-501DM          
AirLive IP-200  
AirLive OD-325HD compatible with ‘AirLive IP-200’
AirLive OD-600HD  
AirLive POE-100HD/200HD/250HD compatible with ‘AirLive IP-200’
AirLive POE-280HD  
AirLive POE-5010HD  
AirLive WL-1200CAM        
AirLive WL-2600CAM  
AirLive WL-260CAM  
AirLive WN/POE-2600HD  
Airship DVR          
Airship Server 4.711+ ADC-V510          
ALBION A2106 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port’
Alecto DVP/IVM-150 compatible with ‘H6837WI (2)’
Alibi ALI-HVR3008H compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-72xx Series’
Alibi ALI-IPV3030R compatible with ‘Hikvision IP Camera (active-x)’
Alien ProLite DVR          
Alinking AL-9211      
Alinking ALC Series    
Alinking N1072 compatible with ‘Alinking ALC Series’
Alinking N3071 compatible with ‘Alinking ALC Series’
Alinking N9071 compatible with ‘Alinking ALC Series’
Alinking S2071/4071 Video Server    
Allnet 2205    
Allnet 2250  
Allnet 2281  
Allnet ALL2212    
Allnet ALL2292          
Allnet ALL2295    
Allnet ALL2297      
(Unknown Brand) AM/CM/QJ-H682 H.264 Camera          
Amcrest ADC2W compatible with ‘Dahua Camera RTSP (4)’
Amcrest AMDV10814        
Amcrest AMDVTENL8 compatible with ‘Amcrest AMDV10814’
Amcrest Camera RTSP compatible with ‘Dahua Camera RTSP (4)’
Amcrest IP2M-841  
Amcrest IP2M-842 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP2M-841’
Amcrest IP2M-844 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP2M-841’
Amcrest IP2M-858 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP2M-841’
Amcrest IP3M-941/3 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP3M-954’
Amcrest IP3M-954  
Amcrest IP4M-1025E  
Amcrest IP8M-2493 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP2M-841’
Amcrest IPM-721  
Amcrest IPM-722  
Amcrest IPM-723 compatible with ‘Amcrest IPM-721’
Amcrest IPM-HX1 compatible with ‘Amcrest IPM-721’
Amcrest NV3108E        
Amcrest NV4108E    
Amcrest NV4116        
American Dynamics EDVR compatible with ‘Vantage VDR009TC’
Amovision AM-CPT540  
Amovision AM-NVR6209      
Amovision AM-NVR6209 (active-x)          
Amovision AM-Q1039  
Amovision AM-Q15324        
Anbash NC238W compatible with ‘Y-Cam Cube’
Anko-tech AK-DVR5816 compatible with ‘Gadspot GS2x06 w/ Mobile Port’
Anko-tech AK-DVR5816M-02A compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) hd client H.264 DVR’
Anlapus 8CH 960H compatible with ‘TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx’
Annke AU-N81NB1    
Annke DU-L81A  
Annke Ease NVR compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) JA7216NC DVR’
Annke SPI Camera        
Anpviz IPC-D250G          
Anran 24NB-IP compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ RTSP Port’
Anran AR-24NB-IP20 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DVR-9008HV’
Anran AR-VDB221 w/Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
Anran VGB101-IP compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ RTSP Port’
ANTKR HD IP Camera compatible with ‘AVS Systems HD1024 Series’
(Unknown Brand) AON WBC-9001            
AOTE W6409G-B compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPQ1658X’
APC Netbotz          
APER IP60/70/540 compatible with ‘Compro IP50/70’
Apex AL DVR        
Apexis AH8034BW compatible with ‘Apexis AH9063CW’
Apexis AH9063CW    
Apexis APM-H804-WS    
Apexis APM-J011  
Apexis APM-J8015  
Apexis H Series    
Apexis J Series  
Aposonic A H.264 w/ Web Port          
Aposonic A-BR18B5-B1TB compatible with ‘Aposonic A-BR18B8-C500’
Aposonic A-BR18B8-C500          
Aposonic A-S0401R1          
Aposonic A-S0401R23          
Aposonic A-S1602R25 compatible with ‘Aposonic A-BR18B8-C500’
Aposonic H.264 DVR          
Appro AP-HD7411 compatible with ‘Appro LC-74xx’
Appro DVR-3016          
Appro DVR-8116M          
Appro LC-74xx  
Appro VS Series          
Aquila Vizion AV-IP602 compatible with ‘Apexis J Series’
Aragorn Server compatible with ‘SparkLan CAS-670’
Aragorn Server (2) compatible with ‘SparkLan CAS-670 (2)’
ArcVision ARC-19220          
ArcVision ARC-19226 compatible with ‘ArcVision ARC-19220’
Ardumower compatible with ‘RPi Motion’
Arecont AV Series          
Argus Surveillance DVR          
arlotto AR series        
arlotto AR1500          
Arm Electronics DVR16640CD120          
Arm Electronics RT4 compatible with ‘CPCAM 5xx DVR Series’
Arm H.264 Lite DVR          
ArmorView ADR-8303 compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
Arteco NVR          
Artefects MEFIX/MIFIX/MIMOV compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
Asante Voyager I/II    
Asante Voyager SmartBot compatible with ‘Asante Voyager I/II’
ASC K9104          
ASee compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port’
ASENWARE AW-DN9104HF compatible with ‘3rd Eye NC6200 w/ P2P Port’
Asgari PT/UIR compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
ASIP 7000EM Series        
Asoni 4xx Series  
Astak CM-818DVR4V          
Astak CM-818DVR4V          
Astak Mole      
Atlantis A02-IPCAM5 compatible with ‘Gadspot N1000’
Atlantis A15-TX800 compatible with ‘ACESEE AS-Nxxxx NVR (2)’
Atlantis netDVR T410 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) Mantis H4BA’
ATZ IHV02P compatible with ‘EasyN T7588 HD’
ATZ Tech ATZ-CH007 compatible with ‘EasyN H6-837’
Avante SC200W compatible with ‘LTS 830’
AVer FB2027          
AVer iViewer compatible with ‘Avermedia EH1008H’
Avermedia EB/EH Series        
Avermedia EB1004 compatible with ‘Avermedia SEB DVR’
Avermedia EB3004NET compatible with ‘Avermedia SEB DVR’
Avermedia EH1008H        
Avermedia IWH5416        
Avermedia NV Series          
Avermedia SEB DVR          
Avermedia SEB w/Mobile          
AvertX Go Camera compatible with ‘AvertX HDIP NVR’
AvertX HDIP NVR          
AViaLLe Video Server compatible with ‘Zoneminder Camera Server’
Avigilon HD H.264 Camera          
AVIOSYS 9000/9100 Series      
AVIOSYS 9100B        
AVIOSYS 9310 compatible with ‘AVIOSYS 9360’
AVIOSYS 9360          
AVIOSYS Kamera 9060 I/O/MP          
AVIOSYS Kamera 9060 Series          
AVIOSYS Kamera 9070 Series      
AVIOSYS Kamera 9077 compatible with ‘AVIOSYS Kamera 9070 Series’
AVS MegaPixel compatible with ‘AVS Systems HD1024 Series’
AVS NVR      
AVS Systems HD1024 Series            
AVS Systems MPix 2.0        
AVS Systems MPix Series            
Avs TitanApolloAtom DVR          
AVTECH 7xx DVR Series      
AVTECH AVC472 compatible with ‘AVTECH DVR (2)’
AVTECH AVC732S          
AVTECH AVC791 DVR        
AVTECH AVC792 compatible with ‘AVTECH AVC791 DVR’
AVTECH AVH408P        
AVTECH AVI201Z          
AVTECH AVM2451          
AVTECH AVM357 compatible with ‘AVTECH AVN80X’
AVTECH AVN362          
AVTECH AVN80X          
AVTECH AVN812      
AVTECH AVN812      
AVTECH AVx 252      
AVTECH AVx 322      
AVTECH AVX931        
AVTECH DVR          
AVTECH DVR (2)    
AVTECH DVR (rtsp)        
Avue AVP562W compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
AX-HD420SIR/HD520SIR compatible with ‘GOING GT-NMS-D2W’
Axis 212 compatible with ‘Axis IP Camera’
Axis 2400 Server Series
Axis 2401 Server Series
Axis 2401+ Video Server
Axis 241S Server
Axis Camera Station        
Axis Companion Dome V            
Axis Companion Dome V (ws)          
Axis IP Camera  
Axis M Series IP Cam  
Axis M Series RTSP  
Axis M1031 compatible with ‘Axis M Series IP Cam’
Axis M1054 compatible with ‘Axis M Series IP Cam’
Axis M1065 compatible with ‘Axis M Series IP Cam’
Axis M3007/3027
Axis M3106 compatible with ‘Axis IP Camera’
Axis M7014 Video Encoder
Axis P1346 compatible with ‘Axis IP Camera’
Axis P3314 compatible with ‘Axis IP Camera’
Axis P3344 compatible with ‘Axis IP Camera’
Axis P3708
Axis P3717
Axis P3717 (ws)          
Axis P7214 Video Encoder
Axis Panoramic
Axis Public WebCam  
Axis Q7xxx Video Encoder
Axis RTSP Camera  
Axis Video Enc. (rtsp type2)
Axis Web Cam  
Axycam AX-088H w/Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
Aztech WIPC302/401 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Aztech WIPC402 compatible with ‘ICam+ H264’
Aztech WIPC408 compatible with ‘ICam+ H264’
Basler BIP-D1300c compatible with ‘Basler IP Camera (2)’
Basler IP Camera            
Basler IP Camera (2)          
Baudisch CP-CAM        
Bayit BH-1818 compatible with ‘IPCC-7210W v2’
Bensoftware RemoteSight        
Bewan iCam 200g          
Bewan iCam 300n        
Beward B Series (H.264)    
Beward B Series (MJPEG)    
Beward B Series (RTSP)  
Beward BD Series    
Beward N Series    
Beward N500  
BiQu F-Series compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
Bitron Video AV70xx compatible with ‘EasyN HS-691’
Blink Camera          
BlitzWolf BW-SIC1 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
Blue Iris      
Blue Iris v3    
Blue Iris v3 H.264    
Blue Iris v5 H.264    
Bluecherry DVR      
BlueJay BCN-401          
BlueJay BCN-501        
BlueNet Video Encoder compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IVS-100’
BluePix Bluestork IPCAM          
Bluestork BS-CAM-OR compatible with ‘Floureon SD27W’
Bluestork BS-IP-CAM/W2 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Bosch Dinion IP NWC-0495 compatible with ‘Bosch IP Camera’
Bosch Dinion NBN-832 compatible with ‘Bosch IP Camera’
Bosch DVR  
Bosch DVR 650 compatible with ‘Bosch DVR H.264 440/480/600’
Bosch DVR 670 compatible with ‘Bosch DVR H.264 440/480/600’
Bosch DVR H.264 440/480/600          
Bosch DVR RTSP 440/480/600        
Bosch IP Camera    
Bosch NDC-225-PI compatible with ‘Bosch IP Camera’
Bosch NDC-255-P compatible with ‘Bosch IP Camera’
Bosch VG4 AutoDome compatible with ‘Bosch IP Camera’
Bosch VIP X1/X2  
Bosch VIP X1/X2  
Bosch VIP X1600  
BrickCom CB-100        
Brickcom FB-130Ap compatible with ‘BrickCom IP Camera’
BrickCom IP Camera  
Brickcom MD-100Ae compatible with ‘BrickCom IP Camera’
BrickCom OSD-200A    
Brickcom PZ-040E-47c6 compatible with ‘BrickCom IP Camera’
Brickcom WFB-100Ap compatible with ‘BrickCom IP Camera’
Brickcom xx-100 compatible with ‘BrickCom CB-100’
BrickCom xx-100 RTSP  
Brickcom xx-101 compatible with ‘BrickCom CB-100’
BroadCam Video Streaming Server        
Bubo Bubo compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
Bunker Hill 63890 (RTSP) compatible with ‘Swann DVR8-4575’
Bunker Hill 68332 w/Media Port compatible with ‘FUHO HA-842’
BVUSA DVR-204E      
BWA DiREX-Pro DVR          
(Unknown Brand) C8001DN2      
Cadyce CA-IP Camera compatible with ‘AirLive IP-200’
CAM0330 compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
CAM0542 compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
Cam2Life IC502W compatible with ‘Hama M360’
Camius IPVault160P NVR compatible with ‘HiSilicon RTSP(TCP) DVR’
Canon Public WebCam          
Canon VB Camera (H264)  
Canon VB-C10  
Canon VB-C500D Series  
Canon VB-C50i/C50iR Series  
Canon VB-C60 Series  
Canon VB-H Series  
Canon VB-M40  
Canon VB-M50B  
Canon VB-M600  
Canon VB-S Series  
Cantonk AHD-A9708T compatible with ‘Jetview Camera’
Cantonk CK-PM9104 compatible with ‘ACESEE AS-Nxxxx NVR’
Cantonk IPD-L23Y02-BS compatible with ‘IPCC-9610 v2’
Casey 16ch dvr compatible with ‘Robox Agility DVR’
CCDCAM EDR-6604 compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
CCTV DISCOVER MP-13104 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) AM/CM/QJ-H682 H.264 Camera’
CCTV DISCOVER MP-13104 (2) compatible with ‘HISUNG R5003’
CCTV Outlet MAX-PLEX8S compatible with ‘Active Vision SX-414’
CCTVFACTORY DVR-96XX Mobile Port          
CCTVFACTORY HDR-04RT, 8308RT, 8016RT          
CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR          
CCTVHotDeals 8108UV Server Port      
CCTVHotDeals H9008      
CCTVHotDeals H9008 w/ Web Port          
CCTVSecurityPros CSP-BCGEN8 compatible with ‘Robox Agility DVR’
Celius CEL-iN Series A    
Celius CEL-iN Series B          
Celius IP18W            
Celius IP61W            
Cellinx NVR IP Camera    
Centrix BVR8XL          
Chubb DVR          
(Unknown Brand) CIP-06        
Cisco 2500 IP Camera          
Cisco CIVS-IPC Camera      
Cisco CIVS-IPC-2611        
Cisco PVC300    
Cisco VC220        
Cisco VC240        
Cisco WVC Series  
Clas Ohlson NC802APT  
Clas Ohlson RC8030 compatible with ‘Sercomm RC8030’
Clinton CE-DVR1600          
Cloud Spy Cam            
CNB HDS4848DV DVR          
CNB ISMC1063N compatible with ‘CNB Network Camera’
CNB Network Camera        
CNM Primus 4 DVR compatible with ‘Vonnic DKSY0804D’
CNM SEC D8SERVO-WB compatible with ‘Active Vision SX-414’
Cohu 3960HD    
Compro IP350  
Compro IP50/70  
Compro IP530  
Compro IP540  
Compro IP55/60  
Compro IP550  
Compro IP570  
Compro NC150/420/500  
Compro TN50  
Compro TN500  
Comtrend MB-21/MD-21/VD-21    
Comtrend VD-21IRVF    
Concept Pro VXH264 compatible with ‘USAG US-DVR-E216480’
Conceptronic C54NETCAM          
Conceptronic C54NETCAM2  
Conceptronic CIPCAM720OD compatible with ‘Foscam FI86xx (h264)’
Conceptronic CIPCAMPTIWL v2 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Conexant cx25853 compatible with ‘DigiVue EDV-EX Server’
ContaCam Server          
Convision CC-6400 (RTSP)          
Convision IP Video Server        
Convision V Series Video Server      
Convision V100/200 Video Server      
Coolead L610WS compatible with ‘Vstarcam T Series’
COP Security HD-SDI        
COP Security Inspire Blue DVR          
COP Security Inspire Blue Mobile Port compatible with ‘CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR’
COP Security Inspire DVR        
COP-USA DVR C264          
COP-USA DVR C264-16ME          
COTIER TV-631W compatible with ‘y3k XVision X720’
CoviSec ALD-400HK w/ Web Port          
CP Plus CP-0402H-U compatible with ‘Robox Agility DVR’
CP Plus CP-0804H-T compatible with ‘Active Vision SX-414’
CPCAM 5xx DVR Series      
CPCAM CPD541D          
CPCAM DR040 compatible with ‘CPCAM 5xx DVR Series’
Creative Live Wireless            
CTRing H264 DVR          
Ctronics CTIPC-275C compatible with ‘IPCC-7210W v2’
CVLM 133 IP Camera  
Cybernova CN-WIP604MW compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
Cynix IVS-100 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IVS-100’
CYTECH SPY-242 compatible with ‘Shixin IP-109H’
(Unknown Brand) D-7116 DVR          
Dahua Camera HTTP    
Dahua Camera HTTP (2)  
Dahua Camera RTSP    
Dahua Camera RTSP (2)      
Dahua Camera RTSP (3)      
Dahua Camera RTSP (4)  
Dahua Camera TCP        
Dahua DH DVR    
Dahua DH-IPC-A35 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP4M-1025E’
Dahua DH-IPC-HFW (rtsp) compatible with ‘Dahua Camera RTSP’
Dahua DH-IPC-HFW Camera    
Dahua DVR RTSP  
Dahua DVR RTSP (2)  
Dahua DVR RTSP (3)        
Dahua DVR5232 compatible with ‘Dahua DVR RTSP’
Dahua HCVR7208AN    
Dahua IPC-HDB3200C compatible with ‘Dahua Camera RTSP’
Dahua IPC-HFW2100 compatible with ‘Dahua DVR RTSP’
Dahua NVR42xx    
Dahua NVR5200    
Dahua SD6582an-hn compatible with ‘Dahua Camera RTSP’
Dahua XVR5104HE-X compatible with ‘Dahua DVR RTSP (2)’
Dahua XVR7116HE compatible with ‘Dahua DVR RTSP (2)’
Dahua XVR7416L compatible with ‘Dahua DVR RTSP (2)’
Dali DVR40xD          
Dallmeier DDZ30IM          
Dawson KR7008 compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
DBPOWER B Series compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
DBPOWER C300E compatible with ‘Foscam FI86xx (h264)’
DBPOWER C754    
DBPOWER FI368 compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
DBPOWER IP1030W compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
DBPOWER VA0092 compatible with ‘HISUNG R5003’
DBPOWER VA033K compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
DBPOWER VA060K compatible with ‘IPS 9xx’
DealExtreme IP-609mw compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
DealExtreme sku149808 compatible with ‘Beward B Series (RTSP)’
DealExtreme sku29919 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IP-402B’
Dedicated Micros DS2      
Dedicated Micros Eco DVR      
Dedicated Micros ECS108 compatible with ‘Dedicated Micros Eco DVR’
Dedicated Micros SDA NVR      
Defender Sentinel Pro          
Defender SN300 DVR      
Defender SN301 w/ Mobile Port          
Defender SN301-8CH      
Defender SN301-8CH      
Defender SN301-8CH w/ Web Port          
Defender SN500 DVR      
Defender SN500 DVR (old)          
Defender SN502 w/ Media Port      
Defender SN502-4CH-002 w/Media Port      
Defeway D08AHD1    
Defeway D3104H    
Defeway D5010WH4 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) JA7216NC DVR’
Defeway D7113WH16 compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
Dericam H201      
Dericam H216  
Dericam H501  
Dericam H502  
Dericam H503  
DERICAM M2/6/8 Series  
Dericam M801W  
Dericam P2  
(Unknown Brand) Dico-800          
Digi-IT WebRMS Compatible          
Digicom 100W  
Digiever DS Digistor NVR          
Digimerge DH200 (2)          
Digimerge DH200 DVR          
Digimerge DHU100 Series compatible with ‘Samsung SHR-1041’
Digimerge DHU616          
Digimerge DN204P1V4 compatible with ‘AData Apollo HD DVR’
Digimerge DND13TL2          
Digital ID View IV-*ECO compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
Digital ID View IV-DE* compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DVR-9008HV’
Digital ID View IV-HD compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
Digital Watchdog DWC-BVI2R          
Digital Watchdog DWC-MV421TIR compatible with ‘Cellinx NVR IP Camera’
Digital Watchdog iV3377WTIR        
Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR      
Digital Watchdog VMAX A1 compatible with ‘Digital Watchdog VMAX IP NVR’
Digital Watchdog VMAX DVR          
Digital Watchdog VMAX DVR (tcp)          
Digital Watchdog VMAX IP NVR          
Digital Watchdog VMAX IP Plus NVR (rtsp)        
Digital Watchdog VMAX-D1 Mobile          
Digital Watchdog VMAX480 DVR          
DigitalNet DN264-HDSDI compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
Digitus DN-16025  
Digitus DN-16027      
Digitus DN-16029  
Digitus DN-16030            
Digitus DN-16036      
Digitus DN-16048 compatible with ‘Digitus DN-16029’
Digitus DN-16050          
Digitus DN-16055      
Digitus DN-16059/16070          
Digitus DN16032 compatible with ‘Digitus IP Camera’
Digitus IP Camera          
DigiVue EDV-EX Server          
Digix Surveillance Center          
Digoo BB-M2 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
DINACOLOR NV030 compatible with ‘eneo PXD-2018PTZ1080’
DiVis DVR          
DLink DCS (rtsp)          
DLink DCS-1000 Series          
DLink DCS-1100 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-1130 Series’
DLink DCS-1110            
DLink DCS-1130 Series  
DLink DCS-2000 Series      
DLink DCS-2100 Series      
DLink DCS-2102 Series  
DLink DCS-2103      
DLink DCS-2112 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-2102 Series’
DLink DCS-2120 Series    
DLink DCS-2121 Series  
DLink DCS-2130/2210      
DLink DCS-2132/2332      
DLink DCS-2230      
DLink DCS-2310  
DLink DCS-2330      
DLink DCS-2630L  
DLink DCS-2670 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-2630L’
DLink DCS-3110 Series          
DLink DCS-3220 Series      
DLink DCS-3410 Series  
DLink DCS-3415          
DLink DCS-3420 Series      
DLink DCS-3430  
DLink DCS-3710  
DLink DCS-4602  
DLink DCS-4602 (v2)        
DLink DCS-4605        
DLink DCS-4701/3 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-4602’
DLink DCS-5009  
DLink DCS-5009L    
DLink DCS-5010 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-50×0’
DLink DCS-5020 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-50×0’
DLink DCS-5025 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-50×0’
DLink DCS-5029  
DLink DCS-5030L    
DLink DCS-50×0    
DLink DCS-5220    
DLink DCS-5220 v2    
DLink DCS-5222L  
DLink DCS-5230 Series  
DLink DCS-5300 Series      
DLink DCS-5605  
DLink DCS-5610  
DLink DCS-5635  
DLink DCS-6010  
DLink DCS-6111    
DLink DCS-6112/3 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-6111’
DLink DCS-6513  
DLink DCS-6620 Series      
DLink DCS-6815  
DLink DCS-6818/A1        
DLink DCS-7010  
Dlink DCS-7110    
DLink DCS-7413 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-2230’
DLink DCS-7513        
DLink DCS-8000LH v1    
DLink DCS-820 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-2102 Series’
DLink DCS-8525  
DLink DCS-900 Series          
DLink DCS-920 Series          
DLink DCS-930    
DLink DCS-932    
DLink DCS-933 compatible with ‘DLink DCS-932’
DLink DCS-935  
DLink DCS-936L  
DLink DCS-942  
DLink DCS-950 Series            
DLink DCS-960  
DLink DNS-722          
DLink DVS-301 Series      
DLink DVS-310  
DMZ HB7016 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) Guardian II K-DVR’
(Unknown Brand) DN9104HF DVR          
DoorBird B10X/D10X/D20X          
DroidCam Wireless Webcam            
Dropcam Webcam            
DTT Surveillance      
Ducki ALL-F compatible with ‘EasyN FS-613’
Ducki HAO/VAO/HPT/VPT compatible with ‘EasySE H3’
Ducki MIPC2-H compatible with ‘H6837WI (2)’
Ducki MIPC2-T compatible with ‘Vstarcam T Series’
Dulcii IPC8 compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
(Unknown Brand) DVR IE Video          
(Unknown Brand) DVR-9008HV    
(Unknown Brand) DVR-9008HV w/ Cell Port          
(Unknown Brand) DVR-9108B          
DVR-9218V / DVR-9318LV compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
(Unknown Brand) DVR2010 Video Server          
DVR4004K compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) EDR-H116 Server Port’
DVR4004K Mobile Port compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) EDR-H116 Mobile Port’
(Unknown Brand) DVR5068B      
DVRUSA LX DVR Card compatible with ‘Neugent LP jpeg DVR’
DVRUSA Viewmaster Series          
DW Vmax compatible with ‘Digital Watchdog VMAX480 DVR’
DynaColor DynaGuard 100          
DynaColor DynaHawk Camera          
Dynamic CCTV EZH/D DVR          
Dynamode DYN-631 compatible with ‘IPCC-7210W v2’
E-Line ELI-DVR-1641NV compatible with ‘Aposonic A-BR18B8-C500’
EasyN 187V compatible with ‘EasyN H3-V10D’
EasyN 603A-M106 compatible with ‘EasyN FS-613’
EasyN F-M1BF  
EasyN F1 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) WPA Wifi P/T IP Cam’
EasyN F2-611B    
EasyN F2-M137    
EasyN F2-M176    
EasyN FS-613  
EasyN H Series compatible with ‘EasyN HS-691’
EasyN H3-186V compatible with ‘EasyN HS-691’
EasyN H3-187V compatible with ‘EasyN HS-691’
EasyN H3-P1D3  
EasyN H3-V10D  
EasyN H6-186B compatible with ‘EasyN H6-837’
EasyN H6-837  
EasyN H7 Series    
EasyN HS-691  
EasyN Mini 20W  
EasyN T7588 HD  
EasySE F/B/N/I  
EasySE H2  
EasySE H3    
EasySE H3e  
EasySE M1          
EasySE M2  
(Unknown Brand) EAVS-1204/1208 Phone Port          
(Unknown Brand) ECL-IP55MP          
Eclipse ECL-SP300          
eDigitalDeals Hybrid nDVR compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DVR IE Video’
eDigitalDeals Hybrid nDVR (web port) compatible with ‘WatchNET WTE DVR H.264’
Edimax IC-1510        
Edimax IC-1520    
Edimax IC-3010          
Edimax IC-3030IWN compatible with ‘Edimax IC-3010’
Edimax IC-3110W compatible with ‘Edimax IC-3010’
Edimax IC-3140    
Edimax IC-5150    
Edimax IC-7000    
Edimax IC-7000 (2)          
Edimax IC-7001    
Edimax IC-7010PTn    
Edimax IC-7110    
Edimax IC-7113    
Edimax IC-9000          
Edimax IC-9000 RTSP          
Edimax IP Camera          
Edimax MD-111E  
Edimax PT-31E    
(Unknown Brand) EDR-H116 Mobile Port          
(Unknown Brand) EDR-H116 Server Port      
ELEC CVD-SRxx compatible with ‘Floureon D1 DVR’
ELKRON HL/M Series compatible with ‘TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx’
Elmo PTC-200 Series            
Elmo PTC-400 Series            
ELP-IP1881 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ICSee Camera (RTSP)’
Elro C704IP  
Elro C800          
Elro C901          
Elro C903IP  
Elro DVR 504 compatible with ‘Fuho HA-1648’
Elro DVR74S w/ Mobile Port          
Elvox 46840 compatible with ‘Q-See QT528 DVR’
Eminent EM4482          
Eminent EM4484        
Eminent EM6015 w/Media Port compatible with ‘Defender SN502 w/ Media Port’
Eminent EM6250          
Eminent EM6325 compatible with ‘IPCC-7210W v2’
Eminent EM6330 compatible with ‘Amovision AM-Q1039’
Eminent EM6561 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Eminent EM6564  
EMSTONE Sentry24DVR          
Encore ENVCWI-Gx/PTGx  
eneo GXC-1606M-IR  
eneo GXD-1710M/IR      
eneo NLD/NXC/NXD camera  
eneo PTB Series      
eneo PXB/PXD-2020/2080      
eneo PXB1080Z03IR compatible with ‘eneo PXB/PXD-2020/2080’
eneo PXD-2018PTZ1080    
Enklov F132 compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
ENSIDIO IP101W compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
ENSIDIO IP202WN compatible with ‘ICam+ H264’
EPCOM EV Series          
Ernitec SX Series compatible with ‘Allnet ALL2295’
ES-IP607WX compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
Escam G02 compatible with ‘EasyN H3-P1D3’
Escam Mini NVR K204 compatible with ‘Dahua NVR5200’
Escam QD300/310/320/520 Camera compatible with ‘HISUNG R5003’
Escam QD900  
Escam QF001/002 compatible with ‘HISUNG R5003’
Escam QF100 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
Escam QF500/QF502/QF510 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
ESKY C5900 compatible with ‘EasyN H6-837’
ESP Digiview4i compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
Etrovision EV3000            
Etrovision EV6250A  
Etrovision EV8580    
Etrovision EVxx5x        
Etrovision EVxx8x    
EverFocus EAN-800A            
Everfocus ECOR          
Everfocus EDR1640 compatible with ‘Everfocus EDVR9DI’
Everfocus EDRHD4H4 compatible with ‘Everfocus EPARA’
Everfocus EDRHD4H4 v2          
Everfocus EDSR Series          
Everfocus EDVR16D1        
Everfocus EDVR9DI        
Everfocus EDVS/EDVR          
Everfocus EPARA          
Everfocus EPHD08          
eVigilo DVR/NVR          
ExacqVision DVR          
Exelon ST-4          
Eye Sight ES-IP609IW compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Eye Sight ES-IP902W compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
Eye Sight ES-IP9xx compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Eyecom H.264-4/8/16 compatible with ‘TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx’
EYEMAX 9000 Series          
EYEMAX 9000 v5.5.4+          
EYEMAX 9120          
EYEMAX DG-X8            
EYEMAX HX-08 DVR          
EYEMAX HX-16 DVR          
EyeSpy247 UCam247i          
EyeView ptz mpeg-4 compatible with ‘XTS IPCAMERA’
Eyseo TV7230, TV7240    
EZCam Pan/Tilt v1  
EZCam Pan/Tilt v2  
EZWatch Pro compatible with ‘NUUO DVR’
Falco CL-4PRO          
Falco EDVS/EDVR DVR          
Falcon Eye FE-MTR1300 compatible with ‘IPS EA1824’
Falcon LX Series DVR          
Faleemi FSC776/880    
FamilyCam v1-1201 compatible with ‘Wanscam AJC2WA-C198’
FDT FD7902 compatible with ‘Foscam FI8602’
FDT FD7903 compatible with ‘IPCC-7210W v2’
Fisotech KR-xx compatible with ‘Fuho HA-1648’
Fitivision CS1300  
Fitivision CS131  
FlexWatch 1150 Cam        
FlexWatch 117x Cam        
FlexWatch 500A        
FlexWatch DVR    
FlexWatch DVR (h264)  
FlexWatch FW11xx (h264)    
FlexWatch FW11xx RTSP      
FlexWatch FW7500 (h264)    
FlexWatch FW7500 RTSP      
FlexWatch SmartNVR  
FLIR DNR300 compatible with ‘Dahua DH DVR’
FLIR FX          
Floureon BT-HD51F/IPD-L26Y02    
Floureon D1 DVR        
Floureon SD27W  
Floureon SD37W compatible with ‘Floureon SD27W’
FoodTec Solutions          
Foscam C1    
Foscam C1/R2 RTSP over HTTP      
Foscam C1/R2 RTSP over TCP      
Foscam C2 compatible with ‘Foscam C1’
Foscam C2 RTSP over HTTP compatible with ‘Foscam C1/R2 RTSP over HTTP’
Foscam FI8602  
Foscam FI8608  
Foscam FI8620  
Foscam FI86xx (h264)  
Foscam FI8904W  
Foscam FI8905W  
Foscam FI8908W  
Foscam FI8909W compatible with ‘Foscam FI8908W’
Foscam FI8910W  
Foscam FI8916W compatible with ‘Foscam FI8918W’
Foscam FI8918W  
Foscam FI8919W compatible with ‘Foscam FI8918W’
Foscam FI9800P compatible with ‘Foscam FI9821 V2’
Foscam FI9802W    
Foscam FI9803/9853    
Foscam FI9804W compatible with ‘Foscam FI9805W’
Foscam FI9805W    
Foscam FI9816P compatible with ‘Foscam FI9821 V2’
Foscam FI9818W compatible with ‘Foscam FI8918W’
Foscam FI9820  
Foscam FI9820 (h264)  
Foscam FI9821    
Foscam FI9821 V2    
Foscam FI9826/8    
Foscam FI9831W    
Foscam FI98xx RTSP over TCP      
Foscam FI990x        
Foscam FI992x    
Foscam FI99xx RTSP over HTTP          
Foscam G2 compatible with ‘Foscam C1’
Foscam G2 RTSP over HTTP compatible with ‘Foscam C1/R2 RTSP over HTTP’
Foscam R2    
Foscam R2B      
Foscam R2C compatible with ‘Foscam R2B’
Foscam R4      
FREDI Mini WLAN Kamera compatible with ‘Tenvis JPT3815W 2013’
FRITZ! Cam App            
Fuho HA-1648          
FUHO HA-4125      
FUHO HA-842      
FUHO VIT-UA626          
Fulix FXR-3004/8/16          
Gadspot GS2002 DVR      
Gadspot GS2002 DVR w/ Web Port          
Gadspot GS2007 compatible with ‘Elro DVR74S w/ Mobile Port’
Gadspot GS2101      
Gadspot GS2102          
Gadspot GS2108          
Gadspot GS2x06 w/ Media Port      
Gadspot GS2x06 w/ Mobile Port          
Gadspot GS9404          
Gadspot N1000  
Gadspot N1250        
Gadspot NC-1000/1600 Series          
Gadspot NC-1200 Series            
Gadspot NC800          
Gadspot UNC-9211      
GANZ DR/NR Series          
GANZ GXi Series      
GANZ PixelPro Series          
GANZ ZN-M Camera compatible with ‘KMW SPES-01’
GE Digia 2        
GE Digia 4 DVR          
GE Truvision 30 DVR          
GE TVR30          
Gembird CAM77IP          
Gembird CAM78IP        
Genius 300          
Genius 300R            
Genius SmartCam 220          
Geovisino GV Video Server        
Geovision 6.0          
Geovision 7.02          
Geovision 8.x      
Geovision GV Camera          
Geovision GV RTSP        
Geovision GV-1120 compatible with ‘Geovision GV RTSP’
Geovision GV-ADR2702          
Geovision GV-BL220D compatible with ‘Geovision GV Camera’
Geovision GV-BX110D compatible with ‘Geovision GV Camera’
Geovision GV-CB220 compatible with ‘Geovision GV Camera’
Geovision GV-FE110 compatible with ‘Geovision GV Camera’
Geovision GV-FE520 compatible with ‘Geovision GV Camera’
Geovision GV-VS04A compatible with ‘Geovisino GV Video Server’
Geovision Server      
Gigamedia NC/ND/NM/NT Series  
Ginsin GS-HG70 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) AM/CM/QJ-H682 H.264 Camera’
GKB P6620          
GKB R Series DVR          
GlobeTeck DVR4CH-iNet          
GlobeTeck GT-8CH          
go1984 DVR      
GOING GT-DVS-WH900      
GOING GT-DVS-WH900 H.264      
GOING GT-NMS-D2W Alternate      
GOING GT-NMS-D2W H.264      
GOING GT-NMS-DIR80W compatible with ‘GOING GT-NMS-D2W’
Golbong Bird Box compatible with ‘HISUNG R5003’
GOLDfunk GOLDcam 1.01          
GoPro HD2          
Goscam GD2805            
Goscam GD2807      
Goscam IP Camera          
GPS VGRD-1630TD compatible with ‘Vitek VT-EH8’
GQD QGS IPC029 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
GrandSec 8200 H.264 DVR          
Grandstream GVR3552        
Grandstream GXV3610_FHD v2    
Grandstream GXV3611    
Grandstream GXV3611IR_HD compatible with ‘Grandstream IP Camera (2)’
Grandstream IP Camera    
Grandstream IP Camera (2)    
Grandstream IP Camera (3)    
Grandstream IP Camera (RTSP)    
Grandstream Video Server  
Grandtec GD-425 4-Port Video Server        
Grandtec Mega Cam            
Grandtec Wifi Cam          
Gravo GSA-16P00 compatible with ‘TomTech XQ DVR’
Gravo GSA-4P00 compatible with ‘TomTech NYX DVR’
Greatek GTK-DVR16A compatible with ‘FUHO HA-4125’
Grundig GCI (mjpeg)    
Grundig GCI (rtsp)    
GTC 2/9 Series compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
GTC SNC Series compatible with ‘Sony IP Camera’
GTC x82 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) PTCam-18’
GTEC GT904H          
(Unknown Brand) Guardian II K-DVR          
GVDigital M455          
GVI Security GV-DVR016 compatible with ‘Samsung SHR-1041’
GW Security GW-5237          
GW Security GW-9314AHD w/ Media Port compatible with ‘Night Owl NVR10-882’
H6837WI (2)  
HaiwVision HWV-PTZ08-1080P compatible with ‘IPCC-9610 v2’
Hama M360    
Hanbang HB70xx compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) Guardian II K-DVR’
Hanwah XVN-8080R (WS)            
Hanwah XVN-8080R (WS)            
HawkCam Pro compatible with ‘Amovision AM-Q1039’
Hawking Tech HNC210            
Hawking Tech HNC230            
Hawking Tech HNC290        
Hawking Tech HNC300 Series            
Hawking Tech HNC320 Series            
Hawking Tech HNC720G      
Hawking Tech NC200 Series            
Hawking Tech NC220 Series            
(Unknown Brand) hd client H.264 DVR      
(Unknown Brand) HD-128S          
(Unknown Brand) HD04/08/16P DVR          
HDL DVR-HM / NVR-HM        
HDL HMEG-70/70W          
HDL HMEG-70/70W (rtsp)          
HDL HMS1 Video Server  
(Unknown Brand) HDS DVR          
HDView HD-AHD compatible with ‘Q-See QT4516’
Heden CAMHD05MD0  
Heden CAMHED04IP  
Heden CAMHED05IPWN compatible with ‘Heden CAMHED04IP’
Heden CAMHP6IPWE compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
HeeToo HT8260        
HeiTel Server          
Hesa Galileo 4RTX
HESA Mini NVR compatible with ‘NUUO DVR’
Hesavision TCN-20BM            
HGC Cloud NVR    
Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I    
Hikvision DS-2CD3332-I compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-2CD8153F-E’
Hikvision DS-2CD4665F compatible with ‘Hikvision IP Camera (active-x)’
Hikvision DS-2CD7153-E compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-2CD8153F-E’
Hikvision DS-2CD8153F-E    
Hikvision DS-2DF7284-D compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I’
Hikvision DS-7108 NVR          
Hikvision DS-7204HVI-ST compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-81xx DVR’
Hikvision DS-7216HFI-SH/A compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-72xx Series’
Hikvision DS-72xx Series    
Hikvision DS-7616 compatible with ‘Hikvision NVR (active-x)’
Hikvision DS-76xx NVR    
Hikvision DS-81xx DVR          
Hikvision DS-9016 compatible with ‘LTS LTD8516’
Hikvision DVR-108G-F1 compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-72xx Series’
Hikvision IP Camera (active-x)    
Hikvision iVMS-4500 (h.264 only) compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-81xx DVR’
Hikvision NVR (active-x)  
hiQview HIQ-A series  
hiQview HIQ-B series  
HiSilicon RTSP(TCP) DVR        
Histream HH9802C      
Histream HH9802C Mobile      
Histream RTSP IP Camera    
HISUNG 3016B DVR    
HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port          
HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ RTSP Port    
HISUNG R5003      
HiWatch DS-i114 compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-2CD8153F-E’
Honeywell HDRP H.264          
Honeywell HDRP Performance Series          
Honeywell HDxMDIP (rtsp)          
Honeywell HREP          
Honeywell HRG-161          
Honeywell HRGX81    
HooToo HT-IP006N  
HooToo HT-IP008HDP  
HooToo HT-IP206 compatible with ‘HooToo IP Camera’
HooToo HT-IP211HDP  
HooToo HT-IP306    
HooToo IP Camera  
HOSAFE 2MB2G compatible with ‘Floureon D1 DVR’
(Unknown Brand) HR04 DVR          
(Unknown Brand) HR04 DVR v5.5.4+          
(Unknown Brand) HS-SCB405IP      
HST HC-MIT compatible with ‘COP Security HD-SDI’
(Unknown Brand) HtmlAnvView DVR          
Huacam HCV IP Camera    
Huisun DM-SCB415IP-V10-E compatible with ‘Dahua Camera TCP’
Hungtek WiFi Cam        
Hunt DVR-08CH          
Hunt HDR-16RP        
Hunt HDR04-DE/VGA compatible with ‘Astak CM-818DVR4V’
Hunt HLC 79AG compatible with ‘Hunt HLC-81i’
Hunt HLC-81i  
Hunt HLT-87Z  
Hunt HLT-S30  
Hunt HLV-1CI  
Hunt HWS-04HD          
Hupervision 4000 DVR PC Card          
Hvcam HV-72QIC compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
i-Catcher Console      
I-View 4.2          
I-View PC Card DVR          
ICam I908W  
ICam M620w compatible with ‘ICam+ H264’
ICam+ H264  
iCam+ i918w  
ICAMView (2)      
ICanTek 290 compatible with ‘ICanTek iCanView Camera’
ICanTek iCanServer540R      
ICanTek iCanServer642R          
ICanTek iCanView Camera    
ICanTek myDVR I Series          
iCatch DR16-Z8V4X compatible with ‘iCatch SDVR 411S’
iCatch SDVR 411S          
ICRealtime eco4 compatible with ‘ICRealtime Flex DVR’
ICRealtime Flex DVR      
ICRealtime MAX DVR      
(Unknown Brand) ICSee Camera      
(Unknown Brand) ICSee Camera (RTSP)      
Icy Box IB-CAM-B321x compatible with ‘Icy Box IB-CAM200x’
Icy Box IB-CAM-B321x RTSP compatible with ‘Icy Box IB-CAM200x RTSP’
Icy Box IB-CAM200x    
Icy Box IB-CAM200x RTSP    
IdeaNext USC1704 compatible with ‘Wansview NCM-624GA/625GA’
iDefender DVR compatible with ‘Integra WebEye’
IDS VSE Camera          
(Unknown Brand) iDVR4000 PC Card          
iDVR8000 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) iDVR4000 PC Card’
IGuard 270E        
IGuard 380E        
IGuard IP 101S compatible with ‘IGuard 380E’
IGuard IP-250E compatible with ‘IGuard 270E’
IKONIC IKE-D9004      
IKONIC IKE-D9004 w/ Web Port          
IMATEK X126 compatible with ‘HISUNG R5003’
iMege B1/G1/D1/B2/G2/V2/M2/B3/G3/N3    
iMege RTSP B1/G1/D1/B2/G2/V2/M2/B3/G3/N3    
iMEye compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) D-7116 DVR’
Imogen Kerby Wireless Camera            
iMon compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) Indigo Security HDxxP DVR’
iMon (2) compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) HD04/08/16P DVR’
imotion DVR          
imotion DVR v5.5.4+          
IMP-HC8062LV compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) NVS-900H’
(Unknown Brand) Indigo Security HDxxP DVR        
Inesun INS-24DVR02 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DN9104HF DVR’
Inesun INS-360AE      
Inesun INS-HDIPCAM04 compatible with ‘Huacam HCV IP Camera’
Infinity DVR 2100/3100 compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-81xx DVR’
Infinity IP Camera compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-2CD8153F-E’
Inkerscoop Wifi Camera compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
Innotech H960 DVR compatible with ‘CTRing H264 DVR’
Inscape Data NVC3018/3026    
Inscape Data NVC910H    
INSTAR 9xxx Series compatible with ‘PROCCTV H202w’
INSTAR IN-2/3/4 Series  
INSTAR IN-3010  
INSTAR IN-5/6/7 HD  
INSTAR IN-5/6/7 Series  
INSTAR IN3011 compatible with ‘INSTAR IN-3010’
Insteon 75790 compatible with ‘Foscam FI8918W’
Insteon HD Camera    
Integra WebEye          
Intelbras VD16E 480 compatible with ‘Q-See QC444 DVR’
Intellinet Camera      
Intellinet MVW100            
Intellinet NSC18    
Intellinet NSC18    
Interlogix TruVision DVR 11    
(Unknown Brand) Internet EYE MPEG4 Camera        
INVID ED3A        
INVID PN1A-32X16          
IP Cam Viewer Server          
IP Webcam for Android        
(Unknown Brand) IP-402B          
(Unknown Brand) IP-CAM1W        
IP9032 Camera compatible with ‘Dahua Camera TCP’
(Unknown Brand) IPC-201      
IPC-8800 compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
ipCam for iOS          
(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2  
iPCamera for iOS    webcam          
IPCC-7210W v2  
IPCC-9610 (rtsp)      
IPCC-9610 v2    
IPCC-B14 compatible with ‘IPCC-B12/D13’
(Unknown Brand) IPCX-HD20M410        
IPDV-58V compatible with ‘Convision CC-6400 (RTSP)’
(Unknown Brand) IPG-7820      
(Unknown Brand) IPQ1658X    
IPS 9xx      
IPS EA1822  
IPS EA1824  
IPS EYE01W      
IPS N812    
IPS N812 (rtsp)        
IPS NX1xx NVR      
IPS-Ki-E compatible with ‘IPS EA1824’
IPUX ICS-1310  
IPUX ICS-2330  
IQinVision IP Cams            
iSeetec INP6C10XC20 compatible with ‘IPCC-9610 v2’
iSmartZon C8001DN2 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) C8001DN2’
iSpy Server          
iTech Digital i2i NVR          
ITX NCx/NMx/NSx/NPx Series          
ITX NMD-2003P          
iVigilo Smartcam            
(Unknown Brand) IVS-100        
IVSEC NC591A compatible with ‘GOING GT-NMS-D2W Alternate’
iWatch DVR compatible with ‘iCatch SDVR 411S’
iWatch Pro compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
Ixtrima XT-IPDG520 compatible with ‘Jetview Camera’
(Unknown Brand) JA7216NC DVR        
JDL CORE Server        
Jetview Camera          
Jetview M820T1A        
Jetview NVS-900L-WX27R compatible with ‘Jetview Camera’
JideTech P1-4X-5MP compatible with ‘IPCC-9610 v2’
JMK UP-009 / UP-010 compatible with ‘Opticam IP Camera’
(Unknown Brand) JN-6108AR-A            
JVC Everio            
JVC VN H264        
JVC VN Series        
JVC VN-X235VPU        
JVC Web V.Networks        
KaiCong Sip 1602 compatible with ‘Wansview NCL-610W’
KaiCong Sip1016 compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
Kasan IP Camera compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
KAYS Tech BB-1M compatible with ‘IPS EA1824’
Keebox ipc1000wi compatible with ‘Conceptronic C54NETCAM’
Keebox IPC1000WI compatible with ‘Repotec RP-VP370’
KeeKoon KK005 compatible with ‘ZiLink DH42S’
Keeper SV-8308H compatible with ‘MaxSecure M2004i’
KGuard AR1621          
KGuard BR401/801          
KGuard CA104/108 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port’
KGuard EL821 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘KGuard BR401/801’
KGuard KG-SHA104 compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108’
KGuard KG-SHA108      
KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port      
KGuard KG-SHA108 w/ Web Port          
KGuard NS801 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘KGuard BR401/801’
KGuard OT801 compatible with ‘Zmodo H9116UVDH w/ Mobile Port’
KGuard SHA104/108 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port’
KindSecurity HW0025 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
KKMOON TP-C517/537 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) TP-C517/537’
KKMOON TP-C517/537 (p2p) compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) TP-C517/537 (p2p)’
KMW SPES-01          
Kodicom 4400 Diginet          
Kodicom Diginet 5.2          
Kong Electronics CMP-NWIPCAM11 compatible with ‘GOING GT-NMS-D2W’
Konig CMP-NWIPCAM10 compatible with ‘Digitus IP Camera’
Ksenos VMS w/Mobile Port        
KT&C IP Camera  
KT&C OMNI960  
Laser NT-IPC360          
Laser NT-IPC360w        
LaView LV-D0404BS compatible with ‘IPS N812’
LaView LV-KDV1404B6 compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-72xx Series’
Legrand CM7100    
LevelOne 0010/0020  
LevelOne 0030        
LevelOne 0031/1121/3061/5041        
LevelOne 1010/2010      
LevelOne 1030/2030    
LevelOne 1040/2040    
LevelOne 1060/2060    
LevelOne 1070/2070    
LevelOne 1131/1141/3071/3081/5051    
LevelOne 3021    
LevelOne 5011    
LevelOne 5030    
LevelOne FCS-0040 compatible with ‘LevelOne WCS-0040’
LevelOne FCS-0050        
LevelOne FCS-0071          
LevelOne FCS-1020        
LevelOne FCS-1040    
LevelOne FCS-1041/4041 compatible with ‘LevelOne WCS-6020/6050’
LevelOne FCS-3031  
LevelOne FCS-3051 compatible with ‘LevelOne FCS-3031’
LevelOne FCS-3091          
LevelOne FCS-4000  
LevelOne FCS-500x Camera Server          
LevelOne FCS-5051          
LevelOne FCS-5053  
LevelOne FCS-6010  
LevelOne WCS-0040  
LevelOne WCS-6020/6050  
LG LE1004          
LG LE4016D-NH compatible with ‘Vonnic VVR4008HM’
LG LND5100        
LG LW130W        
Life Electronics 75.KR2014 compatible with ‘Astak CM-818DVR4V’
Lily VG-H9616B compatible with ‘3rd Eye NC6200 w/ P2P Port’
Lince 7560 compatible with ‘SuperCircuits dmr27u DVR’
Linksys LCAD03FLN        
Linksys PVC300    
Linksys WVC Series  
Linksys WVC54G MPEG4          
Linksys WVC54G Series            
Linksys WVC54GC          
Linksys WVC54GCA          
Loftek Aegis    
Loftek CXS 2200  
Loftek CXS 3200  
Loftek HDX 2640  
Loftek Sentinel D-1 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Loftek Sentinel D2/D3  
LOFTEK Specter compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Logilink WC0004A    
Logilink WC0007    
Logilink WC0008    
Logilink WC0016      
Logilink WC0022          
Logilink WC0048    
Logitech Alert          
Longse LNBIR24 compatible with ‘HeeToo HT8260’
Longse LS-93xx compatible with ‘Q-See QS408 w/ Media Port’
Loosafe LS-IP808 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Lorex ECO 2 w/ Client Port          
Lorex ECO LH114000 compatible with ‘Lorex ECO LH116000’
Lorex ECO LH116000      
Lorex ECO LH116000 (2)        
Lorex ECO LH11x Mobile Port          
Lorex IPSC Series        
Lorex L23WD          
Lorex LHB906        
Lorex LHV162C8D4B          
Lorex LHV2000 Series compatible with ‘Dahua DH DVR’
Lorex LHV2008          
Lorex LNC104          
Lorex LNE3003  
Lorex LNR300    
Lorex LNR400 compatible with ‘Dahua DVR RTSP (2)’
Lorex LNx Ip Cams  
Lorex LNZ3522RB      
Lorex LNZ4001  
LTS 830          
LTS HS04CH      
LTS HS8308 DVR          
LTS IP85PW      
LTS LTD2294HM      
LTS LTD2294HM w/ Web Port          
LTS LTD2308          
LTS LTD2316 compatible with ‘LTS LTD2308’
LTS LTD2508 DVR          
LTS LTD2516          
LTS LTD41xx    
LTS LTD8308T compatible with ‘LTS LTD8516’
LTS LTD8508    
LTS LTD8516  
LTS LTN7604-P4 compatible with ‘Swann nvr8-7200’
LTS Platinum DVR/NVR    
LTS Platinum IP Camera    
Lumenera IP Camera            
LUOHE USB Charger Cam compatible with ‘Floureon SD27W’
Lupus IP Cam compatible with ‘Etrovision EV3000’
Lupus LE 800+ compatible with ‘Gadspot GS2102’
Lupus LE Series compatible with ‘Lupus LE970’
Lupus LE200 compatible with ‘Foscam FI9821 V2’
Lupus LE203 compatible with ‘Amcrest IP4M-1025E’
Lupus LE970  
LUX LUX-N8 compatible with ‘IPS N812’
Luxon LIN16-480 compatible with ‘Avermedia EB/EH Series’
Luxriot Broadcast Server          
LuxVision LVDVR16N compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
LuxVision LVDVR16N w/ Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
(Unknown Brand) M6830M        
Mace Exxis EDR4011N            
Magic DVR XVST        
Maginon IPC-100HD    
Maginon Supra IPC-1/10/100  
Maginon Supra IPC-10AC  
Maginon Supra IPC-25HDC    
Mammoth Tech h.264 DVR Card          
(Unknown Brand) Mantis H4BA          
Marmitek IP Eye Anywhere  
Marmitek IP RoboCam 10/11/541/641  
Marmitek IP RoboCam 21  
Marmitek IP RoboCam 8    
MaxSecure M2004i          
Maxstand DVR16          
Maxstand DVR4/8/16          
Maxvision MVDRS400 compatible with ‘Everfocus EDSR Series’
MayGion IP Camera          
MayGion IP Camera V3  
MAZi IMVR-04A compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-72xx Series’
Medion P86019 compatible with ‘Edimax IC-7001’
Merit Lilin DVR204          
Merit Lilin DVR3xx/NDR1xx          
Merit Lilin DVR5xx          
Merit Lilin H.264 D1 Camera  
Merit Lilin H.264 HD Camera  
Merit Lilin iMEGAPRO Camera  
Merit LILIN IPR compatible with ‘Merit Lilin H.264 D1 Camera’
Merit Lilin PDR-400          
Mesa DVH DVR compatible with ‘Apex AL DVR’
Messoa NCR870          
Messoa NDF831  
Messoa NIC836          
Meye compatible with ‘FUHO HA-842’
Meye (2) compatible with ‘FUHO HA-4125’
Meye (3) compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port’
Meye Pro compatible with ‘Vonnic DK4264B’
MHK A8616 w/Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
Mi Casa Verde Vistacam HD compatible with ‘7Links IPC-770HD’
Microcam WebViewer v2.0.5.1 compatible with ‘Speco Tech RS DVR’
MicroDigital IP Camera    
MicroDigital IP Camera    
MicroDigital IP Camera RTSP      
MicroDigital X Series NVR          
Micronet Gaia/D1 Series  
Micronet SP5220    
Micronet SP5521  
Micronet SP5523W          
Micronet SP5532SP/SW    
Micronet SP55xxHTM    
Micronet SP5711HD compatible with ‘Micronet Gaia/D1 Series’
Micronet SP5711HDA V3    
Micronet SP5923    
Microseven M7 (v2)  
Microseven M7 DVR          
Microseven M7-HSDDN720PHD          
Milesight B Series Camera        
Milesight Camera        
Milesight NVR        
Milesight SpeedDome          
Milestone Enterprise 7.0 compatible with ‘Milestone XProtect’
Milestone Enterprise 8.0 compatible with ‘Milestone XProtect’
Milestone Essentials 2.1a compatible with ‘Milestone XProtect Mobile’
Milestone XProtect          
Milestone XProtect Mobile          
Mitsu Vision IMS-213          
Mitsu Vision IMS-620          
MJPG-Streamer SourceForge Project        
Mobotix D12        
Mobotix M Series        
Mobotix Q Series        
Mobotix S15        
Monacor AHR-40/80/160          
Monacor DMR-180SET      
Monacor DMR-1840          
Monacor DMR-524          
MonoPrice H264 DVR          
MonoPrice H264 DVR (mobile)          
Motorola MBP854CONNECT        
Mustcam H80x    
Mustcam H80x (rtsp)          
myasee2 compatible with ‘WatchNET WTE DVR Card’
MyiHome AirLinkWiFi IP Cam compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
Nadatel SDVR-4500/9000/16000        
Nava LEXEYE-16S compatible with ‘CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR’
Naway compatible with ‘Talos H.264 DVR’
(Unknown Brand) NDR-809      
Neewer V100 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
NEO-CoolCam NIP-02 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
NEO-CoolCam NIP-09 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
NEO-CoolCam NIP-20 compatible with ‘Tenvis IPROBOT3’
NEO-CoolCam NIP-25 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0038’
NEO-CoolCam NIP-31HRW3A0Z3R1 compatible with ‘Tenvis IPROBOT3’
Neotech Photoelectric HT-04 compatible with ‘3R Prestige DVR’
NeoVista IP Camera  
Nest Cam            
Netcam Studio Server          
Netgear NVR v3.0      
NetMedia iViewHD            
NetVision DG4116HC compatible with ‘WatchNET WTE DVR Card’
NetZeye DVR System      
Neugent LP jpeg DVR          
Neugent LP mjpeg DVR          
NEXXT XPY-320 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
NG IPC-8580AW compatible with ‘CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR’
Nichietsu HDR-16KE compatible with ‘MaxSecure M2004i’
Night Owl 4BL-45GB w/ Media Port compatible with ‘Night Owl Zeus w/ Media Port’
Night Owl 8500 compatible with ‘Night Owl FS DVR’
Night Owl CAM-IPPT-HDW            
Night Owl F6-DVR8          
Night Owl FS DVR      
Night Owl FS DVR w/ Web Port          
Night Owl FS w/ Mobile Port          
Night Owl FS-8100 compatible with ‘Night Owl FS w/ Mobile Port’
Night Owl HDA10          
Night Owl HDA10 (rtsp) compatible with ‘Swann DVR8-4575’
Night Owl K-88500-C compatible with ‘Defender SN301 w/ Mobile Port’
Night Owl Lion compatible with ‘Night Owl FS DVR’
Night Owl LTE-DVR16 compatible with ‘Night Owl FS w/ Mobile Port’
Night Owl NVR10-882          
Night Owl o-885 DVR compatible with ‘Night Owl FS w/ Mobile Port’
Night Owl PE-DVR16 compatible with ‘Night Owl PRO-84500/88500’
Night Owl Poseidon w/ Media Port      
Night Owl PRO-84500/88500          
Night Owl RTSP(TCP) DVR        
Night Owl Scorpion-168500 compatible with ‘Night Owl FS DVR’
Night Owl T Series          
Night Owl X Series          
Night Owl Zeus w/ Media Port      
NIP-04 compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
NIXZEN NX-J Series compatible with ‘Apexis J Series’
Norbain VK2-1080BIR37e compatible with ‘eneo NLD/NXC/NXD camera’
Nubix 16 compatible with ‘EYEMAX DG-X8’
NuSpectra Shared WebCam          
NuSpectra Type 2            
NuSpectra Type 3            
NUUO DVR          
Nuvico AL DVR        
Nuvico EasyNet DVR          
Nuvico EasyNet DVR (2) compatible with ‘Apex AL DVR’
Nuvico ED-U1600 compatible with ‘Nuvico EasyNet DVR’
Nuvico EDP-1600 compatible with ‘Nuvico EasyNet DVR’
Nuvico EVL-400N          
Nuvico EVL-400N (2)          
Nuvico EVL-800 compatible with ‘Nuvico EVL-400N’
Nuvico EVL-800N (2) compatible with ‘Nuvico EVL-400N (2)’
(Unknown Brand) NVS-365-V01    
(Unknown Brand) NVS-900H    
(Unknown Brand) NVS1011WR    
NVS900WF27 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) NVS1011WR’
Okina Eco H.264 DVR          
OmniSec CVYC-I261 compatible with ‘AirLive FE-200’
OmniVision OV9712 compatible with ‘Tenvis JPT3815W 2013’
OnSSI NVR          
ONVIF Camera  
OpenEye CM-710          
OpenEye E Series          
OpenEye iDVR          
OpenEye OE Series          
OpenEye VS-201 compatible with ‘Allnet ALL2295’
OpenEye X Series          
Optica B/D Series    
Opticam IP Camera          
Opticam O7 v2 compatible with ‘Foscam FI9821 V2’
Optiview DVRMINIH4          
Optivision OV Series        
Orantek MD326 compatible with ‘Y-Cam Bullet SD’
Orite IP-301          
Orite PT-300      
Otima ANC-808G compatible with ‘OvisLink OC-600/800’
Overmax Camspot 3.3 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
OvisLink OC-600/800    
OvisLink OC-700  
OvisLink OC80W compatible with ‘OvisLink OC-600/800’
Owltech TVR8081C-MS compatible with ‘Dahua DH DVR’
Pacom PDRH-440          
Panasonic BB Series  
Panasonic BB w/Direct PTZ  
Panasonic BB-HCM547  
Panasonic BB-SC384  
Panasonic BB-ST162  
Panasonic BB-SW172 compatible with ‘Panasonic BB-ST162’
Panasonic BL Series  
Panasonic BL-VP101  
Panasonic BL-VP104  
Panasonic BL-VT164  
Panasonic DG-SC385  
Panasonic K-EW1xx    
Panasonic KX Series  
Panasonic WJ-HD220          
Panasonic WJ-HD500          
Panasonic WJ-HL204          
Panasonic WJ-ND400          
Panasonic WJ-NT304
Panasonic WJ-NV200          
Panasonic WJ-RT416          
Panasonic WV Series  
Panasonic WV SW155/175  
Panasonic WV SW174  
Panasonic WV-NM100  
Panasonic WV-NP1000  
Panasonic WV-NP1004  
Panasonic WV-NP240  
Panasonic WV-NP244  
Panasonic WV-NS202  
Panasonic WV-NS324  
Panasonic WV-NW964  
Panasonic WV-SC385  
Panasonic WV-SF138  
Panasonic WV-SFN130 compatible with ‘Panasonic WV-SF138’
Panasonic WV-SFV481  
Panasonic WV-SP305  
Panasonic WV-SPW531  
Panasonic WV-ST165  
Panasonic WV-SW158 compatible with ‘Panasonic WV SW155/175’
Panasonic WV-X8570N
Panasonic WV_NW484  
(Unknown Brand) PCBased DVR (EZ Syscom)          
Pearl PE5808-1120 compatible with ‘Repotec RP-VP370’
Pelco Optera            
Pelco Sarix IMS0            
Pelco Spectra IV      
Pelco Spectra IV (2)        
PelcoNet w/ Matrix Switcher      
PelcoNet w/ Spectra        
PheeNet MCAS-300PTW compatible with ‘Hawking Tech HNC720G’
Phoenix PH208S compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DVR-9008HV’
PI Manufacturing DVR-51AA compatible with ‘Swann DVR8-4575’
Piczel 3500/3505      
Pinetron PDR-S2000          
Pinetron PDR-XM DVR          
Pixord 100 Series        
Pixord 200 Series        
Pixord 4000 Server Series      
Pixord P-1401 Video Server    
Pixord P405          
Planet DVR1672 compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
Planet HM220W compatible with ‘Planet ICA-M220’
Planet ICA-100C            
Planet ICA-108W  
Planet ICA-110W compatible with ‘Planet ICA-210’
Planet ICA-150            
Planet ICA-150 MPEG4          
Planet ICA-210    
Planet ICA-3350V/5350V  
Planet ICA-4130S        
Planet ICA-4150          
Planet ICA-500      
Planet ICA-8500          
Planet ICA-H652    
Planet ICA-HM100  
Planet ICA-HM131          
Planet ICA-HM132/136/316            
Planet ICA-HM227W    
Planet ICA-HM230  
Planet ICA-HM620    
Planet ICA-HM830          
Planet ICA-M220    
Planet NVR-810          
Planex CS-TX04        
Planex CS-WMV02    
Planex CS-WMV04    
Plustek P1000            
Plustek P2000          
Plustek Slim 240 NVR      
Polaroid IP300B  
Polaroid IP810W  
Polixel CPLX4220TDN compatible with ‘eneo PTB Series’
Power Telecomm Jupiter PDVR-x500          
Probe ProbeDigital compatible with ‘Secubest ProbeDigital’
Probe PTI-H2100 compatible with ‘Secubest PTI-H2100’
PROCCTV CamView FH Series          
PROCCTV CamView FH Series          
PROCCTV CamView H Series    
PROCCTV CamView J Series  
PROCCTV CamView P Series  
PROCCTV H002w compatible with ‘ICam+ H264’
PROCCTV H5523w  
PROCCTV M502          
PROCCTV Pet’zView  
Prodigy PD-DVR-D1081-5G compatible with ‘AVTECH IVS DVR’
ProTalk PT-Door01CAV            
Provideo SD-65/75XMP          
provision-isr I4-390IPVF compatible with ‘Cohu 3960HD’
(Unknown Brand) PTCam-18  
PTZOptics 12X-SDI/USB      
PTZOptics 20X-SDI/USB      
Pulse NVR compatible with ‘CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR’
Pumatronix ITSCAM compatible with ‘Cellinx NVR IP Camera’
Pyle PIPCAM8 compatible with ‘Allnet ALL2212’
Q-See Camera RTSP    
Q-See DVR w/ Media Port      
Q-See DVR w/ Media Port (2)      
Q-See DVR w/ Mobile Port          
Q-See DVR w/ TCP Port    
Q-See DVR w/ Web Port          
Q-See QC40108 compatible with ‘Q-See QC444 DVR’
Q-See QC408 compatible with ‘Q-See QC444 DVR’
Q-See QC444 DVR    
Q-See QC448 DVR compatible with ‘Q-See QC444 DVR’
Q-See QC8816 (RTSP)  
Q-See QC918 compatible with ‘Q-See DVR w/ TCP Port’
Q-See QCN8001D compatible with ‘Q-See Camera RTSP’
Q-See QS206 w/ Media Port      
Q-See QS408 w/ Media Port      
Q-See QS458/558/4816          
Q-See QS464 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘Q-See QS408 w/ Media Port’
Q-See QS4716/4816          
Q-See QS494/524          
Q-See QSD2316L          
Q-See QSDR16RTCB w/ Media Port compatible with ‘Q-See QS408 w/ Media Port’
Q-See QSDT8DP          
Q-See QSTD2416 compatible with ‘Q-See QSD2316L’
Q-See QSU2DVR04          
Q-See QSWS04      
Q-See QT426 DVR          
Q-See QT428 compatible with ‘Q-See QT426 DVR’
Q-See QT4516          
Q-See QT5024/5516 compatible with ‘Q-See QT4516’
Q-See QT504 DVR          
Q-See QT526 compatible with ‘Q-See QT528 DVR’
Q-See QT528 DVR          
Q-See QT878          
Q-See QT878 (rtsp)        
Q-See QTH85          
Q-See RTSP(TCP) DVR        
Qihan DVR 16 compatible with ‘TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx’
QNAP ICS-1013  
QNAP QVR Pro        
QNAP VioStor 4012        
QQEye compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) EAVS-1204/1208 Phone Port’
QQEye (2) compatible with ‘Talos H.264 DVR’
(Unknown Brand) QQZM 720p camera        
QQZM IPA01-308NP compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) QQZM 720p camera’
QVIS LX ZEUSHD compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
QVIS LX ZEUSHD w/ Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
QVIS Medusa 4ch    
QVIS Orpheus Pro 16ch compatible with ‘QVIS Medusa 4ch’
QVIS SHANGRI-LA compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
QVIS SHANGRI-LA w/ Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
R3116W compatible with ‘Fuho HA-1648’
RapidOS Linux DVR Card          
Raspberry Rpi Cam compatible with ‘RPi Cam Web Interface’
Raysharp D9104B      
RaySharp H264 DVR      
RaySharp H264 DVR w/ Web Port          
Rayvision RVH DVR          
Recovision Camera compatible with ‘Milesight Camera’
Relicam RC-RH14/18 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) hd client H.264 DVR’
Remote Eyes DVR          
Reolink C1 compatible with ‘Reolink C2’
Reolink C2      
Reolink E1 Pro compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
Reolink RLC-410            
Reolink RLC-410 (rtsp)          
Reolink RLC-411 (rtsp) compatible with ‘Reolink RLC-410 (rtsp)’
Reolink RLC-420 compatible with ‘Reolink RLC-422’
Reolink RLC-422      
Reolink RLC-423  
Reolink RLC-423 (media) compatible with ‘Reolink RLC-410’
Reolink RLC-423 (rtsp) compatible with ‘Reolink RLC-410 (rtsp)’
Reolink RLC-511 compatible with ‘Reolink RLC-422’
Reolink RLC-511 (media) compatible with ‘Reolink RLC-410’
Repotec RP-VP370    
Repotec RP-VP700    
Revez Z Series DVR compatible with ‘Falco EDVS/EDVR DVR’
Revo R16DVR4          
Revo R4DVR3          
Rifatron HD1 Series DVR          
Rifatron MH Series DVR          
Rifatron MM Series DVR          
Rimax 7100          
Rimax 7200          
Robox Agility DVR    
ROCAM IUK 5 A1 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Rollei SafetyCam-10 HD compatible with ‘Maginon Supra IPC-1/10/100’
Rosewill RSCM-12002  
Rosewill RSVA-1101 w/Media Port compatible with ‘FUHO HA-842’
Rosewill RSVA-1101 w/Mobile Port compatible with ‘Defender SN301 w/ Mobile Port’
Rosewill RSVA-1101 w/Web Port compatible with ‘ICanTek myDVR I Series’
Rosewill RXS-3211        
Rosewill RXS-3323  
RPi Cam Web Interface          
RPi Cam Web v6          
RPi Motion            
RVi R04LB-PRO compatible with ‘Dahua DH DVR’
SA Technology SAT-2100 compatible with ‘Tenvis IPROBOT3’
SafeCameras 8008H compatible with ‘Gadspot GS2x06 w/ Mobile Port’
SafeHome 3815W / 601W compatible with ‘Tenvis JPT3815’
SafeHome IPROBOT3 / 391W-HD compatible with ‘Tenvis IPROBOT3’
SaferGuard SG-8150 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPQ1658X’
Samsung Camera        
Samsung Camera (2 ActiveX)    
Samsung Camera (2 RTSP)          
Samsung Camera (2)        
Samsung GVI AR-6160          
Samsung SDE DVR          
Samsung SDR (alt)        
Samsung SDR DVR compatible with ‘Samsung SDE DVR’
Samsung SDR-3100        
Samsung SDR-5102        
Samsung SDR-75300        
Samsung SDS Series        
Samsung SHR DVR          
Samsung SHR-1041          
Samsung SHR-5082          
Samsung SmartCam        
Samsung SME DVR          
Samsung SMO-152QN compatible with ‘Samsung SMT DVR’
Samsung SMT DVR    
Samsung SN?-???? Camera        
Samsung SNB-3004    
Samsung SNB-6004          
Samsung SNC-550            
Samsung SNC-B5395        
Samsung SNC-L200          
Samsung SNH-1011N compatible with ‘Samsung SmartCam’
Samsung SNH-E6440BN          
Samsung SNH-P6410BN compatible with ‘Samsung SmartCam’
Samsung SNP-3301      
Samsung SNP-3370 (rtsp)          
Samsung SNP-6200RH    
Samsung SNT Video Server          
Samsung SNV-5010 compatible with ‘Samsung Camera (2)’
Samsung SPE-100 compatible with ‘Samsung Camera (2 RTSP)’
Samsung SRD DVR          
Samsung SRN NVR          
Samsung STW Camera      
Samsung SVR DVR          
Samsung SxP-3120 compatible with ‘Samsung Camera (2)’
SANNCE D3704 compatible with ‘Q-See QS408 w/ Media Port’
Sanyo DVR          
Sanyo VCC Series    
Sanyo VCC-HD5600P      
Sanyo VDC Series    
Savitmicro IP-1300 compatible with ‘Savitmicro IP-2000HW’
Savitmicro IP-2000HW  
Savitmicro IP350W        
Savitmicro VIJE Series  
Say Security XOS DVR compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) WebDVR Diginet 5.0’
SCD DVR1650N          
SCD DVR4050N          
SCW EC1008 compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-72xx Series’
SCW NWP5816P16 compatible with ‘Hikvision NVR (active-x)’
SEC D8SERVO-WB compatible with ‘Active Vision SX-414’
Secom LR/AR/VS401          
Secom LR/AR/VS401 (rtsp)        
Secubest ProbeDigital  
Secubest PTI-H2100  
Secuplug+ 601-D20XB compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
SecureForLess SFL1818 compatible with ‘Compro IP350’
SecureForLess SFL720P2P compatible with ‘Y-Cam’
Security Camera World DVR04N compatible with ‘Robox Agility DVR’
Security Labs SLD251        
Security Labs SLD264          
SecuViewer compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) Mantis H4BA’
Seenergy SVR-508 compatible with ‘Planet NVR-810’
Sensormatic EDVR          
Senstic IP Cam for iOS          
Sercomm DC401 compatible with ‘Sercomm RC8030’
Sercomm RC4120/8120/8030 compatible with ‘Sercomm RC8030’
Sercomm RC8030  
Seteye ANC818GE        
Shany SNC-218        
Sharx HD Camera          
Sharx HD RTSP (v2)          
Sharx SCNC-2601          
Sharx SCNC2700          
Sharx SCNC2900          
Sharx SCNC3705/3805/3905          
SHENZHEN HAWELL HW-SVR7300 compatible with ‘Fuho HA-1648’
Shinntto NCB541W compatible with ‘Wansview NC541’
Shixin IP Series (Generic)      
Shixin IP-109          
Shixin IP-109H        
Shixin IP-109H RTSP            
Shixin IP-129H    
Shixin IP-333/338/150H        
Shixin IP-510        
Shixin IP-510H        
Shixin IP06 v1        
Shixin IP06 v2      
Sibell QDVR-SBE16M compatible with ‘Q-See QT878’ Dvrcamx compatible with ‘HooToo HT-IP306’ Movcamx compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’ Outcamx compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’ Profcamx compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
Siemens CCIC1410          
Siemens CCIS1425            
Siemens CCMS1315            
Siemens CVMS2025-IR            
SIEPEM S5030M compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Sighthound Video          
(Unknown Brand) SimpleEye      
Sinocam SN-HSP-7004B compatible with ‘CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR’
Sinocam SN-NVK8004W10 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) hd client H.264 DVR’
(Unknown Brand) SIP-S05H33      
Sitecom 150N WL-405        
Sitecom WL-404          
Sky-8004AP compatible with ‘FUHO HA-842’
SkyCam 2A compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
SkyCam H-Series compatible with ‘EasyN H3-P1D3’
SkyCam H264 compatible with ‘MayGion IP Camera V3’
SkyCam T-Series compatible with ‘Vstarcam T Series’
SMART-I Mini WiFi            
SmartEye NC530  
SmartEye NCB-541WC  
SmartIndustry DOZ27        
SmartIndustry DOZ27 RTSP    
Smartteck ST985x compatible with ‘Foscam FI9821’
SmartWatch Eco 4/8/16 compatible with ‘TSM CCTVDVRH800’
SnapAV LUM-500 compatible with ‘HDL DVR-HM / NVR-HM’
Snooperscope v1          
Solwise SEC-C1062  
Sony IP Camera    
Sony SNC-M1/M3 MPEG4      
Sony SNC-M1/M3 Series      
Sony SNC-P5      
Sony SNC-RZ25    
Sony SNC-RZ30    
Sony SNC-RZ50    
Sony SNT-V704          
Sony Web Cam    
SparkLan CAS-330            
SparkLan CAS-370    
SparkLan CAS-630          
SparkLan CAS-630 (i) compatible with ‘SparkLan CAS-670’
SparkLan CAS-670        
SparkLan CAS-670 (2)        
Sparklan CAS-771W    
SparkLan CS-673  
Speco Tech D4/8/16V        
Speco Tech D8/D16VT compatible with ‘Speco Tech RS DVR’
Speco Tech DVR-16IP      
Speco Tech DVR4TL250          
Speco Tech HS DVR compatible with ‘Speco Tech D4/8/16V’
Speco Tech IP Camera  
Speco Tech LS DVR        
Speco Tech N8NXP (RTSP)  
Speco Tech O2D3          
Speco Tech O4FB8M compatible with ‘Cohu 3960HD’
Speco Tech PCPRO DVR          
Speco Tech RS DVR        
Speco Tech TH(older) DVR          
Speco Tech TH/TL DVR          
Speco Tech TL compatible with ‘Speco Tech TN(mpeg4) DVR’
Speco Tech TN(mpeg4) DVR          
Speco Tech VIP2PTZ12X  
SpezVision HQ-9508M compatible with ‘Defender SN301 w/ Mobile Port’
Spy Cameras WF-100PCX 720P  
Spy Module CM332C compatible with ‘Tenvis JPT3815W 2013’
Sricam HD 720p H.264 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
Sricam SP Cam (RTSP)          
Sricam SP006/8/9/12/15/17 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
StarDot Express Video Server          
StarDot NetCam SC      
StarDot NetCam XL      
StarTech IP-330 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Storage Options SON-IPC1  
STR9100 compatible with ‘HeeToo HT8260’
Streamax 71xx NVR compatible with ‘MaxSecure M2004i’
Sumas SM-DV16GN11          
Sumpple S610    
Sunba 405-D20X compatible with ‘Sunba 601-D20X’
Sunba 507-20XA    
Sunba 507-20XB  
Sunba 601-D20X  
Sunba 805-DG20X compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
Sunco N-512A compatible with ‘IPS EA1824’
Sundirect F006 compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
Sunell SN-IPR54          
SunEyes P Series  
SunEyes SP-FJ01W compatible with ‘EasySE H3’
SunEyes SP-H01W compatible with ‘H6837WI (2)’
SunEyes SP-P1802SWPTZ compatible with ‘Amovision AM-Q1039’
SunEyes SP-Q701W compatible with ‘IPS EA1822’
SunEyes T Series (hd)  
SunEyes T Series (vga)  
SunEyes V Series  
Sunkwang H.264 IP Camera compatible with ‘AVS Systems HD1024 Series’
Sunluxy AK-DVR5108E compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) hd client H.264 DVR’
Sunluxy JA72xx compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) JA7216NC DVR’
Sunluxy SL-C701 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Supercam compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
SuperCircuits 16CH DVR          
SuperCircuits BLK-IPS101      
SuperCircuits dmr27u DVR          
SuperCircuits DMR81U          
SuperCircuits DVQ-2      
SuperCircuits WL-T4H compatible with ‘Swann DVR16-1500’
(Unknown Brand) SuperDVR TD Series Card          
(Unknown Brand) SuperDVR TD Series Card          
SuperLivePro compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
Surcouf SMMH 8904W compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
Surveon CAM3365            
Surway SEDVR-63xx w/ Cell Port compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR w/ Cell Port’
SV3C SV-B01W-960P compatible with ‘Foscam FI86xx (h264)’
SVAT 502 compatible with ‘Elro DVR74S w/ Mobile Port’
SVAT CLEARVU11          
SVAT CV301 compatible with ‘SVAT DVR w/ Media Port (2)’
SVAT CV500          
SVAT CV501      
SVAT DVR w/ Media Port      
SVAT DVR w/ Media Port (2)      
SVAT DVR w/ Web Port          
SVAT Ip Camera      
Swann ADS440  
Swann DVR w/ Media Port      
Swann DVR w/ Mobile Port          
Swann DVR w/ Web Port          
Swann DVR16-1500    
Swann DVR16-4500 compatible with ‘Swann DVR16-1500’
Swann DVR16-8600          
Swann DVR16-8900          
Swann DVR4-2550      
Swann DVR4-3250 compatible with ‘Amcrest NV3108E’
Swann DVR4-Pro-Net      
Swann DVR8-1425 w/ Cell Port          
Swann DVR8-2500 compatible with ‘Swann DVR w/ Web Port’
Swann DVR8-3000          
Swann DVR8-4000          
Swann DVR8-4000 Mobile Port compatible with ‘CCTVHotDeals 8108UV DVR’
Swann DVR8-4000 Server Port compatible with ‘VisorTech DVR-8008 Server Port’
Swann DVR8-4575        
Swann DVR8-4600            
Swann DVR8-8900 compatible with ‘EYEMAX HX-08 DVR’
Swann HDR8-8200    
Swann IP Camera          
Swann IP-3G ConnectCam 1000  
Swann Max-IP-Cam          
Swann nvr8-7200    
Swann NVR8-7300          
Swann RTSP(TCP) DVR        
Swann SWDVK-845904 compatible with ‘Swann DVR8-4575’
Swann SWDVK-849808 compatible with ‘Swann DVR8-4575’
Swann SWNVK-8758 compatible with ‘Swann DVR8-4575’
Sweex IP Network Camera          
Synology 4.3 Surveillance Station        
Synology 5.x Surveillance Station        
Synology Surveillance Station        
Synology Surveillance Station (API)          
Synology Surveillance Station 8        
SYSCOM ED/CD/HD/NC          
Talon DVR          
Talon MPEG4 NVR          
Talos DR04/08          
Talos DR4000/8000/1600 w/ Media Port      
Talos H.264 DVR      
Talos H.264 DVR Mobile Port          
Talos IP Camera H264  
TCLINK ADC-3008/3018  
TCLINK ANC-808/818  
TCLINK ANC-818GER        
TD-23xxSE compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
TechSon MN3024 compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
TechSon SS30xx/MM30xx Series compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
TECHview QC-3860            
TECHView QC3836 compatible with ‘PROCCTV H202w’
TechVision T-8xx DVR          
TECVOZ MPEG4 DVR          
TECVOZ TEC-480/16H          
TECVOZ TV-TD23/24/25 v2 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) TV25HE’
TECVOZ TV-TD2316SS compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
TEKNA CAM TKIPxxx          
TEKNA NVR TK4Kxxx compatible with ‘ACESEE AS-Nxxxx NVR (2)’
TEKNA XVR TKXHxxx compatible with ‘ACESEE AS-Nxxxx NVR (2)’
TELCA K-Series          
TELCA TC-9751    
TELCA TC-9852    
Telco NC530W compatible with ‘Wansview NC530’
Telefonica IP71x7    
Teleste MPX Series          
TelView SWB1612          
TelView SWB1612 (2)          
Tenvis IP391W  
Tenvis IP602W  
Tenvis IPROBOT2 compatible with ‘Tenvis JPT3815’
Tenvis IPROBOT3  
Tenvis IPROBOT3 H.264  
Tenvis IPROBOT3 H.264 (alt)  
Tenvis JPT3815  
Tenvis JPT3815W 2013    
Tenvis JPT3815W 2014    
Tenvis JPT3815W 2015    
Tenvis JPT3815W-HD  
Tenvis Mini IP Camera            
Tenvis Mini319  
Tenvis PT7131W  
Tenvis TH661  
Tenvis TH661 (RTSP) compatible with ‘Tenvis TH8810 (RTSP)’
Tenvis TH661 (v2) compatible with ‘Tenvis JPT3815W-HD’
Tenvis TH8810 compatible with ‘Tenvis TH661’
Tenvis TH8810 (RTSP)          
Tenvis TR3818-P2P    
(Unknown Brand) TFS-1612          
Tibetsystem H.264 DVR          
Tibetsystem MagicRadar 5.4          
Tigersecu TS-2MP-302          
Tigersecu TS-AHD960P compatible with ‘TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx’
Tigersecu TS-TVI1080P          
Timhillone H264 WebCam          
Timhillone UC7008WH  
(Unknown Brand) TinyCAM for PDA            
tinyCam Pro Web Server compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DVR2010 Video Server’
TMeye compatible with ‘Fuho HA-1648’
TMEZON 1080P NVR compatible with ‘Dahua NVR5200’
TMEZON 720P Onvif compatible with ‘HooToo HT-IP306’
TomTech NYX DVR          
TomTech XQ DVR          
Topica TIP-303EZ          
Topica TOP-311HMP  
Topica TOP-767HMP  
Topica TOP-788HMP  
Topica TP-HD26416DR          
Topica TP-S26404DR          
Toshiba IK-WB01A      
Toshiba IK-WB02A          
Toshiba IK-WB11A      
Toshiba IK-WB15A      
Toshiba IK-WB16A  
Toshiba IK-WB21A      
Toshiba IK-WB70A    
Toshiba IK-WD01A    
Toshiba IK-WP41A        
Toshiba IK-WR01A          
Toshiba IK-WR14A    
Toshiba Surveillix DVR Series          
(Unknown Brand) TP-C517/537      
(Unknown Brand) TP-C517/537 (p2p)      
TP-Link NC200          
TP-Link NC220          
TP-Link NC230          
TP-Link NC230 (h264) compatible with ‘TP-Link NC250’
TP-Link NC250          
TP-Link NC450        
TP-Link NC450 (h264)        
TP-Link NC450 (rtsp)        
TP-Link TL-IPC22A          
TP-Link TL-IPC42A compatible with ‘TP-Link TL-IPC22A’
TP-Link TL-IPC52A compatible with ‘TP-Link TL-IPC22A’
TP-Link TL-SC2020    
TP-Link TL-SC3130  
TP-Link TL-SC3171  
TP-Link TL-SC3230  
TP-Link TL-SC3430  
TP-Link TL-SC3430  
TP-Link TL-SC4171  
TPE Cam FS-613 compatible with ‘EasyN FS-613’
TPE Cam H6-837 compatible with ‘EasyN H6-837’
TPE F5888 / H6168 compatible with ‘ICam I908W’
TPE T6-5688WIP compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Trek Ai-Ball            
TRENDnet TV-IP100/200/400 Series    
TRENDnet TV-IP110 Series  
TRENDnet TV-IP121  
TRENDnet TV-IP201 Series          
TRENDnet TV-IP212 Series  
TRENDnet TV-IP252 Series  
TRENDnet TV-IP262 (RTSP)    
TRENDnet TV-IP301 Series    
TRENDnet TV-IP310      
TRENDnet TV-IP310 (RTSP)    
TRENDnet TV-IP311      
TRENDnet TV-IP311 (RTSP) compatible with ‘TRENDnet TV-IP310 (RTSP)’
TRENDnet TV-IP312 (RTSP)    
TRENDnet TV-IP312 Series  
TRENDnet TV-IP321 compatible with ‘TRENDnet TV-IP310’
TRENDnet TV-IP326 (RTSP)    
TRENDnet TV-IP410 Series  
TRENDnet TV-IP410PI    
TRENDnet TV-IP422 Series  
TRENDnet TV-IP450 (RTSP)    
TRENDnet TV-IP501    
TRENDnet TV-IP512  
TRENDnet TV-IP551/651    
TRENDnet TV-IP562/572  
TRENDnet TV-IP600W    
TRENDnet TV-IP602  
TRENDnet TV-IP612  
TRENDnet TV-IP662 compatible with ‘TRENDnet TV-IP672’
TRENDnet TV-IP672  
TRENDnet TV-IP745    
TRENDnet TV-IP751    
TRENDnet TV-IP762  
TRENDnet TV-IP851    
TRENDnet TV-IP862  
TriVision Bullet HD RTSP (v2)          
TriVision NC-306W compatible with ‘Hungtek WiFi Cam’
True-H DVR          
True-H SSA-0812H compatible with ‘Pinetron PDR-XM DVR’
TSM CCTVDVRH800          
TV-8108HE compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) JA7216NC DVR’
(Unknown Brand) TV25HE          
TVT Digital TD-2308ME compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx          
TVT TD-2500HE          
twCams I3xxTW compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
Ubiquiti AirCam          
Ubiquiti AirCam Mini compatible with ‘Ubiquiti AirCam’
Ubiquiti AirCam Mini RTSP compatible with ‘Ubiquiti AirCam RTSP’
Ubiquiti AirCam RTSP          
Ubiquiti UniFi Micro compatible with ‘Ubiquiti UniFi v3.2+’
Ubiquiti UniFi v3.2+          
Ubiquiti UniFi v3.2+ RTSP          
Ubiquiti UniFi Video NVR        
Ubiquiti UniFi Video/UVC            
Ubiquiti UVC-G3 compatible with ‘Ubiquiti UniFi v3.2+ RTSP’
Uniden GDVR8T80 compatible with ‘TVT Digital TD-23xx/24xx’
UNIMO UDR-708      
Unitek UDR DVR      
Unitek UK-WMHD        
Uniview IPC342E-DLVIR-IN compatible with ‘Geovision GV-ADR2702’
Uniview NVR304    
UniVision PICO2000          
(Unknown Brand) Unknown IP-06        
upCam Hurricane HD compatible with ‘INSTAR IN-5/6/7 Series’
USAG US-DVR-E216480          
UTC TVR30          
UTiSS PC DVR          
V-Streaming AHD DVR compatible with ‘MaxSecure M2004i’
V380 Pro compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
Vangold VG-H9616B compatible with ‘3rd Eye NC6200 w/ P2P Port’
Vantage VDR009TC          
Vectus VTDVR04G compatible with ‘Rifatron MM Series DVR’
Veditec VED-2CD7153-E compatible with ‘Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I’
Veilux SVR-1648D1 compatible with ‘Rifatron MM Series DVR’
Venetian VNT7016 compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
Veo/Vidi Observer IP          
Verint Nextiva S18xx        
VESKYS 720P compatible with ‘Vstarcam C7837’
Vicon VDR-7xx compatible with ‘UNIMO UDR-708’
Videcon VXH264D compatible with ‘USAG US-DVR-E216480’
Video Insight Server 4.3          
Video Insight Server 5.5          
VideoComm IP720IDVRW compatible with ‘LTS IP85PW RTSP’
VideoIQ CRD208          
VideoIQ iCVR RTSP          
VideoIQ iCVR-HD            
VideoIQ Rialto Encoder          
VideoIQ Rialto I4        
VideoSecu 4 Channel H.264 compatible with ‘FUHO HA-842’
VideoSecu MegaPX          
VIDEOSTAR LV-VPE4 compatible with ‘IPS N812’
VIDEOSTAR VPH16 compatible with ‘Vonnic DKSY0804D’
Videoswitch Vi-M DVR          
Videotrend PR-V404L compatible with ‘Aposonic A-BR18B8-C500’
Videotrend VDK Series compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) WebService v2.0 DVR’
Vidi Observer XT            
Vigilant RGS Server        
Vilar/Vipcam VS-IPC1002          
Viotech ATCP-VM501 compatible with ‘Hunt HLC-81i’
Visar VSD 804H compatible with ‘TVT TD-2500HE’
VisionGS Server          
Visionhitech VN6 Series    
Visionnet dvr compatible with ‘FUHO HA-4125’
VisionQuest HD Series compatible with ‘Speco Tech RS DVR’
VisionQuest HD-SDI compatible with ‘Speco Tech D4/8/16V’
VISIONxIP 9851w compatible with ‘VISIONxIP 9852w’
VISIONxIP 9852w    
VISIONxIP PTI-H2100 compatible with ‘Secubest PTI-H2100’
VisioTech DVR04LFA/DVR08LFA/DVR16LFA compatible with ‘Robox Agility DVR’
VisorTech DVR-8008 Server Port      
Vista VK2-1080BIR37e  
Visual Tools VX4-BOX          
Visualint HD    
Visualint Secured In The Cloud          
Vitek EnVI Camera      
Vitek EnVI NVR    
Vitek VT-EH8          
Vitek VT-H160          
ViTrax Broadcast Server          
Vivax-Metrotech vCam-5 compatible with ‘Vonnic DKSY0804D’
Vivotek 7xxx Series    
Vivotek 8161    
Vivotek 83xx    
Vivotek FD6122V      
Vivotek FD81xx    
Vivotek IP7160    
Vivotek IP8362 compatible with ‘Vivotek PT8133’
Vivotek ND8301        
Vivotek ND8422        
Vivotek NR8x01 NVR  
Vivotek PT3112/3122 Series        
Vivotek PT3122      
Vivotek PT7131/PT7135/PT7137    
Vivotek PT8133    
Vivotek PZ-7122    
Vivotek PZ-71×1    
Vivotek PZ-81xx    
Vivotek SD-7313    
Vivotek SD81x1    
Vivotek ST7501        
Vivotek TC-5333          
Vivotek TC5331    
Vivotek VS2403    
Vivotek VS3100            
Vivotek VS8102 Video Server  
Vivotek VS8401 Video Server  
Vivotek VT-2000/3000/6000 Series    
VIVTRON VIP-FJ01W compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
Vonnic C907IP  
Vonnic C909IP  
Vonnic DK4264B          
Vonnic DKSY0804D          
Vonnic VVR4008HM        
VPON DVR      
VSS Web DVR compatible with ‘IPS N812’
Vstarcam C22 compatible with ‘Vstarcam C3x’
Vstarcam C25 compatible with ‘Vstarcam C7837’
Vstarcam C3x  
Vstarcam C7816  
Vstarcam C7816 (alt) compatible with ‘Vstarcam T Series’
Vstarcam C7824 compatible with ‘Vstarcam C7816’
Vstarcam C7837  
Vstarcam E7839WI  
Vstarcam F6836W    
Vstarcam F6836W (2)  
Vstarcam H3867WI (2)  
Vstarcam T Series  
Wanscam AH-C2WA-B168  
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-B116 compatible with ‘Wanscam AJC2WA-C198’
Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C118  
Wanscam AJC2WA-C198  
Wanscam HW0021  
Wanscam HW0023  
Wanscam HW0025  
Wanscam HW0025 v2  
Wanscam HW0028 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
Wanscam HW0036 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0025’
Wanscam HW0038  
Wanscam HW0041 compatible with ‘Wanscam HW0038’
Wanscam HW0045  
Wanscam JW0003 compatible with ‘Wanscam JW0004’
Wanscam JW0004  
Wanscam JW0008  
Wansview K1 compatible with ‘Wansview NCM-751GA’
Wansview K2    
Wansview K3    
Wansview NC530  
Wansview NC536/537 compatible with ‘Wansview NC530’
Wansview NC541  
Wansview NC6xx (rtsp over tcp)    
Wansview NCB521W  
Wansview NCB543 compatible with ‘Wansview NC541’
Wansview NCL-610W  
Wansview NCL-616W compatible with ‘Wansview NCL-610W’
Wansview NCM-620/630 compatible with ‘Wansview NCM-625W’
Wansview NCM-620GA/620GB/622GB/631GB    
Wansview NCM-622W compatible with ‘Wansview NCM-625W’
Wansview NCM-624GA/625GA    
Wansview NCM-624W compatible with ‘Wansview NCM-625W’
Wansview NCM-625W  
Wansview NCM-628W compatible with ‘Wansview NCM-628W/NCM-630GB’
Wansview NCM-628W/NCM-630GB    
Wansview NCM-629W  
Wansview NCM-751GA    
Wansview Q3/W3    
Wansview W2    
WatchMeIp Indoor Pro compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
WatchMeIp Indoor Pro Plus V2 compatible with ‘Tenvis IPROBOT3’
WatchNET E compatible with ‘WatchNET WTE DVR Card’
WatchNET E-96032RT      
WatchNET ENC-04POE      
WatchNET WTE DVR Card          
WatchNET WTE DVR H.264          
Wavestore VMS        
Webcam Zone Trigger          
WebcamXP 5 compatible with ‘WebcamXP’
WebcamXP 7 compatible with ‘WebcamXP’
WebDataTech DigitalEye DVR          
WebDataTech NVR          
(Unknown Brand) WebDVR Diginet 5.0          
(Unknown Brand) WebIRS DVR          
(Unknown Brand) WebService v2.0 DVR    
(Unknown Brand) WebService v3.0 RTSP  
(Unknown Brand) Weihai E-Vizion DVR          
Well Vision DVR608      
Wenhua WH_0M3WMPN compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPCAM1, IPCAM2’
Wenhua WH_1M0WHPN compatible with ‘ICam+ H264’
WeTrans HD-SDI DVR compatible with ‘MaxSecure M2004i’
Wi8 OM13 compatible with ‘Huacam HCV IP Camera’
Winbook D5008DH compatible with ‘IPS N812’
Winic W-IPSD3282D compatible with ‘Dahua Camera HTTP’
Winic W-IPSD3282D (2) compatible with ‘Dahua Camera RTSP (2)’
Wirepath 750 Series compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) IPC-201’
Wirepath WPS-100-DVR-8CH compatible with ‘Aposonic A-BR18B8-C500’
Wirepath WPS-750-BUL-IP-WH compatible with ‘Hunt HLC-81i’
Wision WS-C5V12 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) WS-A5P201’
WMG DVR 8016W compatible with ‘HISUNG 3016B DVR’
Wodsee WIP-FC100 compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) DVR-9008HV’
Wodsee WIP200-PTD    
WolfCom WL8DVR w/ Media Port compatible with ‘KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 w/ Media Port’
WowWee Rovio  
(Unknown Brand) WPA Wifi P/T IP Cam          
(Unknown Brand) WS-A5P201        
WTI Viper      
Wyzecam (Dafang Hacks) compatible with ‘Xiaomi Dafang Hacks’
Wyzecam (OpenIPC) compatible with ‘OpenIPC’
Wyzecam V2 (RTSP)          
X10 AirSight  
X10 AirSight XX39    
X10 AirSight XX69A    
XDH CT16 compatible with ‘Unitek UDR DVR’
Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi compatible with ‘IPS 9xx’
Xiaomi Dafang Hacks        
Xiaomi Xiaoyi Camera compatible with ‘(Unknown Brand) ONVIF Camera’
(Unknown Brand) XMeye DVR    
XTS DVR720    
XTS MP compatible with ‘XTS XTS-MDI/MDVP Series’
XTS XTS-BU1/2/3 Cameras    
XTS XTS-NVR16          
Y-Cam (amr)          
Y-Cam Bullet HD          
Y-cam Bullet HD 1080          
Y-Cam Bullet HD RTSP (v2)          
Y-Cam Bullet HD/1080 (v2)          
Y-Cam Bullet SD          
Y-Cam Cube          
Y-Cam Cube HD/1080          
Y-Cam HomeMonitor        
Y-Cam Original          
y3k XVision X2R8N          
y3k XVision X720      
y3k XVision X8D          
Yatwin CA-Alien-WE compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
Yatwin CP1-X 2MP compatible with ‘Annke SPI Camera’
Yawcam Webcam            
YCX YC-W822AHZ09A compatible with ‘Jetview Camera’
Yoics Server          
Yoko Tech IP-631-02 compatible with ‘Etrovision EV3000’
Yoko Tech IV-R0422          
Yoko Tech RYK-9324        
Yoko Tech RYK-IP 8/D/H Series          
Yoko Tech RYK-IPBL200          
Yudor NVR-04ND      
Yudor YUC-Hxxxx  
Zavio B7210  
Zavio F Series    
Zavio F3110  
Zavio F3115 compatible with ‘Zavio F3110’
Zavio F3201 compatible with ‘Zavio F3206’
Zavio F3206  
Zavio F3210  
Zavio F520IE        
Zavio P5110/P5115  
Zavio V1100  
ZiLink DH42S  
ZiLink DH43H  
ZiLink DH43H (RTSP)    
ZiLink DH43S  
Zmodo 9016 w/ Media Port compatible with ‘Zmodo H9106UV w/ Client Port’
Zmodo 9108 compatible with ‘Zmodo DVR-H8008’
Zmodo 9216UVDH compatible with ‘Zmodo H9106 w/ Media Port’
Zmodo CM-I11123BK  
Zmodo DVR w/ Media Port      
Zmodo DVR w/ Mobile Port          
Zmodo DVR w/ Web Port          
Zmodo DVR-8104UV      
Zmodo DVR-8104UV Mobile Port          
Zmodo DVR-8108UV Mobile Port compatible with ‘Zmodo DVR-8104UV Mobile Port’
Zmodo DVR-H8008    
Zmodo DVR-H9104V compatible with ‘Zmodo DVR w/ Media Port’
ZMODO DVR-H9116UVDH compatible with ‘Zmodo DVR w/ Mobile Port’
Zmodo DVR-H9118V          
Zmodo H9104U compatible with ‘Zmodo H9106 w/ Media Port’
Zmodo H9105 compatible with ‘Zmodo H9106 w/ Media Port’
Zmodo H9106 w/ Media Port      
Zmodo H9106UV w/ Client Port          
Zmodo H9116UVDH w/ Mobile Port          
Zmodo Mini Wifi compatible with ‘Zmodo ZP-NE14-S’
Zmodo RTSP(TCP) DVR        
Zmodo ZMD-DC-SBN6 compatible with ‘Zmodo DVR-H9118V’
Zmodo ZMD-DT-SCN8 compatible with ‘Zmodo DVR-H8008’
Zmodo ZMD-DT-SFN6          
Zmodo ZMD-DX-SAN8          
Zmodo ZMD-ISV-BFS23NM          
Zmodo ZP-NE14-S          
Zoelink ZL6/8 Series compatible with ‘Foscam FI86xx (h264)’
Zoneminder Camera Server      
Zoneminder Distro Arch Linux      
Zoneminder Server API      
Zonet ZVC7610  
Zonet ZVC7611            
Zonet ZVC7640            
Zoneway NC6xx  
Zoneway NC6xx (v2)    
Zoneway NC740    
Zoneway NC870 compatible with ‘Zoneway NC740’
Zoneway NC8xx  
Zosi 16QK00          
Zosi 1AC-28110M-W            
Zosi HD-TVI DVR          
ZyXEL CAM5525  
ZyXEL IPC2605N  
ZyXEL IPC36xx/46xx  
Zyxel Keenetic MJPG-Streamer compatible with ‘MJPG-Streamer SourceForge Project’

NOTE: compatibility may vary when devices are using different firmware versions and when new/updated models are released.

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