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Recording stops even though motion is continuing

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Recording stops even though motion is continuing

Postby whats_up_skip » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:59 pm

Using Pro version of software V 6.4.8
Android version: 5.1
Kernal Version: 3.10.65
Device: ZTE Blade A475

Phone running App is dedicated to this task with a minimum number of background apps. However at the time of this recording files were being copied off the phone via ftp, so it is possible that the load on the phone could have been too much. Based on previous tests, the load on the phone shouldn't be too much while doing an FTP copy. The reason for using FTP copy is that the transfer rate can be controlled so as not to overload the phone.

Situation: Camera points down a driveway. Car at far end of driveway and traveling at (relatively slow speed 20km/h) towards the camera.

Motion detection of App works correctly and starts recording (07:34:54.967AM)
Recording stops prior to the car reaching the camera (07:35:04.314AM)

Record on motion set to 15 seconds.
Looking at the times it looks like it is only recording a total of 10 seconds.

When the recording stops the car would only be 10-15% of the area of the frame.

The recording did not continuing to record even though the motion in the field of the frame was increasing.

Within the App there is no information in the log file. Tapping on the email log file does nothing.
Is there an option to turn on the logging? I can't find this option.
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