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Anyone can have a home surveillance system!

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Anyone can have a home surveillance system!

Postby N4Spd » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:34 am

With the latest record on motion detection feature in IP Cam Viewer Pro, now anyone can have a home surveillance system for almost nothing. Motion detection reduces sdcard space usage dramatically. I’m getting weeks of recording time on an empty 8gb sdcard (app will automatically recycle old footage as needed).

Search, view, export past recordings and view live, all with no monthly fees. No middleman servers/services which can be a security/privacy issue, massive ISP bandwidth usage, exposure to monthly fee increases, slow network access and potential disaster if company goes belly up.

- old, left over android phone or tablet. Price: free
- cheap ip camera on amazon or ebay. Price: ~$50 each

- IP Cam Viewer Pro. Price: $3.99 one time cost

1) install IP Cam Viewer Pro on spare android device.
2) configure your cameras in IP Cam Viewer Pro (turn on record only when motion detected in Edit Camera -> More Options for each camera).
3) start recording, click matrix view button, hang on wall as a bonus display!

Finally, both Apple App Store and Android Play Store allows you to install IP Cam Viewer Pro on as many devices as you want (as long as you use the same account) so install it on your daily phone to get live viewing (use export/import or sharing to copy settings).

ps. for live viewing outside of your home network, you need to setup dynamic dns and port forwarding.

ps.ps. iOS version will get motion detection functionality soon (I’m porting the code right now).

ps.ps. future release will add mobile notifications on motion detection!
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