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Selecting the right driver

Print directly to network printers. No PC Required. Enhances existing menus to add printing for contacts, photos, text files, todo lists, and more. Print jobs are queued until printer becomes available. Background service to render and send print job. "Copier Mode" turns phone into a copy machine (full page w/bgnd removal).

Selecting the right driver

Postby N4Spd » Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:43 am

The test page will output some text and an image of the printer icon.

If the image does not look right, try another driver.

1. Start with the B/W laserjet pcl5 driver.
If step 1 works, then try the color laserjet pcl5 driver if you have a color laserjet.
If step 1 does not work, then try the inkjet pcl3 driver.

The "inkjet pcl3 gui format 2" driver only works with some older printers.

I'm got the following on the todo list:
- inkjet pcl3 format 6 for higher quality on some newer hp printers
- canon bjnp protocol for some newer canon network printers (older canons use raw port 9100 like hp)
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