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HTTPS Certificates for IOS

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HTTPS Certificates for IOS

Postby AliBaba » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:26 pm

I looked into using stunnel as a front for IP cameras based on the recommendation from Robert, on the front page saying:
"3. Use stunnel to protect your cameras.
– run stunnel on an old android, pc or raspberry pi.
– for example, https://myhome.ddns.org:8001 goes to stunnel at port 8001 which then converts back to non-ssl forwarding to camera’s internal port 80."

I think it's a really good idea to provide encryption (HTTPS) for cameras that don't have it. However, the missing part is authentication that HTTPS would provide using certificates.

The only thing one gains by using stunnel, is to prevent a person from sniffing the traffic and being able to get passwords or images.
stunnel, without authentication will not prevent a bad guy from probing, attacking, and hacking into the web interface of the camera.

Based on the help pages here, the Android versions have a way for uploading certificates but IOS version doesn't.

What will it take to add the ability for loading customer certs to IOS version of IP Cam Viewer?
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