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Problems with V6.5.0 Deleting & Crashing

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:42 pm
by whats_up_skip
I am not sure if the two are related.
Crashing: Since upgrading to V6.5.0 the phone running it has crashed twice in five days. This is something that might only happen once a month on the previous versions.

At least twice now V6.5.0 has started deleting recordings from the previous day, even though the "Recycle when free space reaches" was set to 500MB. At the time there was over 50GB of storage available.
"Discard recordings older than" was set to 1 week. After this happened the first time, when it shouldn't have, I changed it to 2 weeks. Then it happened again immediately after I rebooted the phone. I have now set to 1GB and "Never". I will see what happens from here.