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versions of IP Cam Viewer and Google TV

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versions of IP Cam Viewer and Google TV

Postby N4Spd » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:40 am

If you care, here are the differences between different versions and their history, then read below.

For people are asking about running IP Cam Viewer on Google TV, just search for "Net Eye GTV" in the Android Market.

--- Summary
In summary, the paid version is the Pro version (the one that requires payment up front). All other versions are free to download but are limited in function until they are "upgraded". They only differ by how they can be upgraded. Once upgraded, they all work exactly like the paid/pro version.

--- Short Descriptions
Basic version uses google in-app purchase to upgrade. If you get a new device, then download the Basic app again and click Upgrade Now (it'll automatically download past purchases associated with the device's activation gmail account and unlock itself again).

Lite version existed since day 1 of the Android Market. When you click Upgrade Now, it directs to you install the paid/pro version of the app. Once you install the paid version, you can delete the Lite version. If don't have access to android market or paid apps, then it allows you to unlock the Lite version with an unlock code. This version is also distributed on most 3rd party app stores like getjar.com, slideme.org, appslib.com and androidpit.com where the unlock mechanism is used for upgrade.

Free version was submitted to a few 3rd party stores that did not allow in-app upgrades (at the time) or had custom upgrade/payment code required. For example, amazon and verizon both have custom payment libraries so this version was submitted to them and will be modified over time to use upgrade code from their sdks.

-- Finally, Long History (if you really have time)

Originally, there was the Lite version, available from day 1 of Android Market. It used an unlock mechanism because paid apps were not available. Once paid apps were available, it's upgrade mechanism was changed to direct users to the paid/pro version in the android market. The unlock mechanism is still used when the Lite version is download from 3rd party stores where the device does not have access to android market or paid apps.

The paid (now called Pro) version was submitted when paid apps were first allowed.

The Lite and Paid (Pro) versions were the only versions up until recently (when the madness began).

Much later, the "Basic" version was added without native code, intended for devices that DON'T support native code like Google TV and Playbook. It uses google's "in-app" purchases to upgrade so no need to download the pro version. It will automatically re-download your past purchases and unlock itself on new devices when you select upgrade.

Now, here is where it became CRAZY. Recently, Google suspended the Lite version for an unknown reason. I then guessed at some changes and released the Lite version as the "Free" version. Shortly there after, Google suspended the "Free" version as well, again without reason so still no clue. I then made more guesses and released the Basic version with native code (since I didn't want to submit another app). This unfortunately made the Basic version worthless for Google TV or Playbook (sigh).

Even more recently, google suspended the Paid version, so I was basically dead in the water. See my blog for details but eventually a kind sole helped me out. It seems all this mess was because of the "app description"! Crazy. Still no detail explanation (but my guess is the reference to my ios version). However, I was given my Lite and Pro versions back.

So, now, you have the Lite, Paid/Pro, and Basic versions in the Market. The basic version can no longer be used for GTV, as originally intended, because non-gtv users have it now so the Lite and Basic versions only differ only by how they upgrade).

I've modified the Free version for submission to odd markets that do not permit upgrades or have custom upgrade/payment sdks like amazon, verizon, etc. Because of the google madness, I've decided to put more time into supporting other markets.

Now if you ask how to run it on Google TV, then I'd say download Net Eye GTV from the Android Market (again, I intended the Basic version for this but google's madness screwed that up). All the apps already has native code compiled for the Atom Intel processor used in the GTV so when google finally allows native apps for GTV, then we can go back to the Lite/Basic/Pro versions for GTV. So you see, Android has both fragmentation in devices and fragmentation in Markets!

After 3 years on the Android Market, I can honestly say it's been a real pain in the arsh, in very way. Now that I'm also in the Apple App Store with an iOS version, their market is actually much better.

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