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Recognize an Ouvis VZ1 camera?

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Recognize an Ouvis VZ1 camera?

Postby RonBrugger » Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:18 pm

I have been using your IP Camera View Pro for years now, love it. And thanks for all your continued support. I have been using several cheap IP cameras with great success and wanted to add a fourth. I went to my usual source - Amazon.com - and bought an Ouvis VZ1 camera because it seemed inexpensive for the features, 720p resolution being the most interesting to me. As seems to becoming more common, this camera comes with software that automates the connection process, both internal and external, if you use their phone app. I tried it and with their app I can access the camera just fine, in and out of my network. I did not have to forward any port or do any router configuration. However, I would prefer not to use their app, but IP Camera View Pro so that I can see all four of my cameras at once. I have run the Scan Camera function on all ports above 443 that appear to be open (a port scan of the camera shows 23,80,81,110,143,443,993,995,9600,10080,10554) without any luck. Since I'm not sure which port to use, I haven't configured my router for external access. Is there any hope of getting this camera to work with your software?
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Re: Recognize an Ouvis VZ1 camera?

Postby N4Spd » Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:33 am

many of those camera also have a web interface, RTSP or onvif interface. find that for your camera and then connect with my app.
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