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FetchCam for Windows not working wi RPi Cam web interface

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:41 am
by barny2019
I use IPCam Viewer Pro for android to view the video streams from my two raspberry cameras (Debian 8 Jessie) running RPi-Cam web interface ( as a web interface. There are no problems her, it works fine. Also, there are no problems, when I view the video streams in a browser (Chrome and Edge). But when I access my two raspberry cameras with FetchCam (for Windows Phone 8.1) on my Windows Lumia 950 (running with with OS Windows mobile 10), there are problems: the first weeks I could access the video streams on both cameras (with the default settings) and then no more. The error message is now shown in FetchCam: Camera / Feed Not Available. Is there any solution to my problem? Any suggestions appreciated!