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Loudspeaker vs phone

User discussions, tips, questions and answers, etc. for the Walkie Talkie Application for Android cell phones and embedded devices available in the Android Market

Loudspeaker vs phone

Postby themuddler » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:20 pm

Thanks for the great app! I enjoy using it to send voice messages to my wife without using my minutes, but with one problem (a request for enhancement):

Could you add a setting to choose between playing the message out loud (present behaviour, and just like a true walkie talkie would do) or playing it quietly over the phone speaker (as if listening to a phone call)?

My wife doesn't check any voice messages I send her while she's in public because she doesn't like everyone listening in. I think a 'discreet setting' would be a great addition to your already rather cool app!

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