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Test Application Problems

Print directly to network printers. No PC Required. Enhances existing menus to add printing for contacts, photos, text files, todo lists, and more. Print jobs are queued until printer becomes available. Background service to render and send print job. "Copier Mode" turns phone into a copy machine (full page w/bgnd removal).

Test Application Problems

Postby tpitman » Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:23 am

I would like to add printing support to an application I have written and will soon be releasing. I purchased Send2Printer. I created a printer for my local Dell Color printer. I used the Generic color printer and RAW.

The test print from setting up the printer worked. It printed the text and the little printer icon. It was all black and white even though the printer is color, but that is ok.

I then downloaded the test print application and built it. Any of the text comes out fine but all of the images and graphics are just big black rectangles.

What do I do?

I hope to drive a lot of sales of Send2Printer if we can make sure it all works. My application is for doctors who want to print stuff from my application to printers at the places they work. Should be a great match.

I build the application with the 2.2 version of the SDK. It wanted Android 3, but I don't have that old of one installed.

Where do I go from here?
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