IP Cam Viewer Lite pulled from Android Market

Argh… No specific reason given but my free version of IP Cam Viewer got pulled today from the Android Market by Google, after 1.3 million plus downloads and a 4+ start rating. I supported it day and night to get 9000+ reviews. All gone.

For existing and new users, the free version is available for download from here. Until Google replies with a reason, I can’t release another free version on the market.  It will always be available directly from me so this method is better anyway.

This version also let’s you upgrade through paypal (no market dependencies). Just send $3.99 to “robertchou@gmail.com” using paypal and I’ll send you an unlock code (the pulled free version used Google’s in-app purchase for upgrade).

Google, please email developers with an explanation prior to pulling apps. Good developers will fix whatever the issue may be. Your rules come from Dilbert land and are evil:

1) wait for developer to spend tons of time building apps for your market and answering user questions regarding the crappy market bugs/issues.

2) reject, up to 3 years later, without giving any explanation.

3) count as developer *guesses* wrong with new releases, and on count of 3, wipe out entire account removing ALL other apps.

Brilliant.  Brilliantly evil!

On a personal note, I’m sadden to see the lose of this app. I launched it back in late 2008, when the market first opened (since day one). Lots of users have helped me build it to this point and I cared for it almost like a child.

Rob 8^(

ps. Still no response from Google. They talk good, but with a bad track record, I now see them as a heartless/sole-less data-mining machine. Oh well, there’s other markets and other opportunities to explore.

ps.ps. I’m guessing they pulled it because of the app description where I list the brands of devices that are supported. I worked hard over 3 years to build that support and it’s what people are searching for. For a search company, this is really a stupid reason.


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