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ipcam pro question

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ipcam pro question

Postby corvairbob » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:21 pm

i installed the ipcam lite and basic app and it gave me 6 cams only. i get that but can anyone tell me how many cams can i see on just one page at a time. i have 16 cams and i sure would like to see all of them on the same page.
i ust tinycam now and i can get up to 25 cams on a page using a table on it's side. 18 vertical. but that app will not let me use the funlux camera nor will it let me use the dvr i have that has 16 cameras with more that one camera and i have 3 cams on that dvr trying to set it up to replace a zmodo dvr that only lets me have 8 cams.

plus has anyone had any luck getting the wifi ip cams that are ptz models and wifi to work on any dvr? my guess is no but have to ask. i have 8 cams on the zmodo and 6 cams running that are the wifi type that i turned off the wifi and now they are hard wired to a network switch and then onto my modem/router and tiny cam sees them good plus ip cam sees them but i want to get them on a dvr. that may be impossible so i found a dvr that has cat5 connections on it and i may be able to use that and jsut have 2 dvr units and all the cameras in this ip cam app. but the app needs to have enough to let me see them on just one page so i do not have to flip thru pages to see the cams. thanks
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