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Need Help, Developer Isn't

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Need Help, Developer Isn't

Postby Madilo32 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:11 am

I set up a CIB Security camera systems a few months ago and a friend recommended I use IP cam viewer for my Android phone which I purchased and downloaded. I currently access my DVR from my desktop using my DVR's internal IP address and IE browser. When I'm not on my network I access my DVR from my laptop using my router's IP address and IE browser.

I can't use Chrome or Edge browser despite how many times I download and install the plugin and the IP cam viewer app doesn't find my DVR. I've tried the app both on and outside my network using my internal and external IP addresses and after having the app search it always says "no matches found".

I read through this forum and found the stickies on troubleshooting and setup. After trying the recommendations, I sent the developer an email with all of the requested information needed to access my DVR and help troubleshoot my issues. I only receive generic emails asking for the same information that I have sent three times prior. Now I am not even receiving replies to my follow up emails inquiring on the status. Can anyone please help me? The fact I can access my DVR leads me to believe it is a minor issue and probably something I am overlooking, but it's been a month since I reached out to the developer and still no help. Thank you
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Re: Need Help, Developer Isn't

Postby admin » Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:23 pm

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