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IP Cam Viewer - Erratic notifications

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IP Cam Viewer - Erratic notifications

Postby FalkirkJim » Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:21 pm

Not sure if anyone posts here anymore, but i'll ask anyway! :lol:

IP Cam Viewer PRO app, on Android, running through an old Galaxy Tab 2 10"

Setup both cameras fine, had no hassle whatsoever for ages, set the unit to record and it always pinged me the email notifications to tell me of any movement. However, in the last few weeks / couple of months, I can set it to record in the morning, it will ping me one or two notifications, then just seems to die. When I go home I can reset it again (record off/ record on) but again it will do exactly the same thing randomly for no apparent reason and only really seems to be a recent problem.

Is there any reason why this is now happening or any reason why things have changed, maybe on a recent update, or is it my Tablet?
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