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IP Cam Viewer tips for CCTV installers

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IP Cam Viewer tips for CCTV installers

Postby admin » Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:57 pm

If you're a CCTV installer and your clients are running IP Cam Viewer, then here are ways to push camera settings and to update cameras settings for your customers.

Methods for initial push out:

1. To quickly send a single camera to someone, go into Manage Cameras, click on Camera and select Email Camera. Customer can import camera by clicking on link or attachment or scan qr-code in email.

2. To quickly send a group of cameras to someone, first enable the cameras you want to send, goto Manage Cameras, click Import/Export then Email Selected Cameras. Customer can import cameras by using attachment in email.

3. Post a single camera setting on a website! Do option 1 above but send email to yourself. Copy the camera link in email (starting with "http://..."), change it to start with "ipcam://..." and paste it anywhere on your website! When user clicks on it, mobile browser should offer IP Cam Viewer as an option.

4. Post a single camera QR-Code on a website. Do option 1 above but send email to yourself. Copy the qr-code image and add it to your website.

5. Post a group of cameras on a website! Do option 2 above but send email to yourself. Copy the XML attachment and place it on your web server. On a webpage, add link to XML file but replace the "http://..." With “ipcamxml://”. When user clicks on it, mobile browser should offer IP Cam Viewer as an option.

6. If you are running IP Cam Viewer as display wall (running 24x7) and if the built-in web server is enabled, then you can actually command the app to import a camera XML file. You can also command app take many actions without using local touch interface. See this API post.

Methods for updating cameras:

Normally, the import process will not overwrite existing cameras with the same name so how do you update customers with new camera settings should addresses or account information change? Simple, before sending the XML file or posting the XML file, edit the file and make the following changes:

If you want to overwrite existing cameras with new values, then change the <cameras> tag in the xml file to add an overwrite="true" attribute value (i.e. <cameras overwrite="true">).
If overwrite is enabled, you can delete existing cameras by adding attribute delete="true" for each <camera> tag (i.e. <camera delete="true" name=..../>). This overwrite/delete capability was added to Android v5.8.8 and iOS v2.6.2.

After making changes to the XML file, use any of the methods listed under initial push out to update customers.

Generating camera setting XML file:

You can use any text editor to make simple changes to a camera XML file. The username password attributes are encoded but you can simply replace them with clear text versions (make sure your website is secured by user login).

See this post for examples.

Here are ways to launch app into a specific camera / group:

iOS - http://hit-mob.com/2011/07/26/ios-launch-urls/
Android - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=697&p=2190&hilit=launch#p2190

Here are ways to remote control a running instance of IP Cam Viewer (ie. 24x7 display walls):

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Re: IP Cam Viewer tips for CCTV installers

Postby jordancaver123 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:25 am

CCTV camera installation is only successful if it meets the requirements of the client. These requirements must be determined previously by the resolve of the equipment required, the position of the equipment and the end use of the equipment. These factors can only be made clear by a conference meeting with a representative of the company providing the CCTV camera installation and the user who is purchasing the equipment. An initial meeting that determines client requirements together with a successive meeting in which the solution to those needs should be made.
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