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version 0.4.x changes

Updates and notes on the Android version of Walkie Talkie.

version 0.4.x changes

Postby N4Spd » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:56 am

Note: You MUST first uninstall any version older than v0.4.3 and then install v0.4.3 or newer.

  • Volume buttons now change the playback volume anytime the app's main activity is showing (before only during playback could you change the playback volume).

  • Added link to online help.

  • Fixes bug where sometimes your recipient list changes are not saved.

  • Added an optional sound pack in the Market that expands on the number of pre-recorded sounds.

  • You can now send and reply with pre-recorded sounds. Simply long press on a recipient in the send tab or long press on a received msg in the history tab.

  • Made changes to allow for future feature (sending of canned messages).

  • Added contact photos to "Send" and "History" tabs.
  • Save last installed version info settings.
  • Warn user to uninstall first for older versions (will only happen once and not repeat).

  • Fixed force closes introduced in 0.4.2.

v0.4.2 (don't download because I introduced a bug in onPause() causing lots of crashes)
  • Starts to play queued messages a little faster when launched.
  • Added insistent mode to preferences.

  • Stop recording when screen rotates because some user reported his phone auto rotates causing activity to reset.
  • Clean up of some test code.

  • Display unplayed messages differently (if auto play is disabled).
  • Long press on received msg reveals "View Contact" instead of "New Contact" if "From" address is already in contacts.
  • Configurable history size.

  • Display contact picture.
  • Pause and rewind playback
  • Save and restore recipient lists
  • Send pre-canned sounds to recipients
  • Separate documentation/help for Send and History tabs.
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