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Remote Control of IP Cam Viewer and ChromeCast/FireTV

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

In the coming releases, IP Cam Viewer will get an embedded HTTP server! This server will be used for remote control of record mode, tasker integration, chromecast, and more.

IP Cam Viewer already has in-app motion detection with notifications in Record Mode. Adding remote control will allow you to change settings like turning in-app MD on/off while away from home.

Many people have asked for tasker integration but I’ve held off in-order to find a lighter, simpler and more extensible solution (compared to their plugins). Adding commands to the embedded web server will allow for tasker integration via it’s HTTP automation features while enabling easy integration for all other tools.

Want to share your camera via a website but 1) don’t want to share it directly, or 2) don’t know it’s API, or 3) it’s has some custom binary protocol / video format? Now with the embedded web server, all 1900+ camera types supported by IP Cam Viewer can has it’s own simple web page. Of course it’s only available from the local network but you can choose to open it up (port forward) to the outside or just send the image elsewhere.

People have asked lately for ChromeCast support. Its seems like a limited device to me (although cheap). We can direct ChromeCast to the embedded server to view all supported cameras. Note: directing ChromeCast to cameras directly doesn’t work well because many cameras have odd protocols/formats not supported by ChromeCast.

Backing up a bit, if you really want to see the display on a TV, you can do it today with a $50 android hdmi dongle like the MK908. It runs all android apps directly (no casting, mirroring, etc). If mirroring is a must, other devices like the roku and even Fire TV have full screen mirroring.

In summary, the embedded http server is coming in the next 1-2 releases while features built on top of the server will trickle in over time.

Baby Mode and background audio

Monday, June 17th, 2013

In the past, people have consistently emailed to confirm that the application does not run in the background (due to bandwidth concerns). In fact, the app does not run in the background unless you are using home screen widgets or record mode (rate is adjustable).

Because of this concern, the closest to a baby mode was to run in Gallery View with Auto Dimming turned on (see App Settings). This way, you can hear audio and have a dimmed screen (for night time). The screen will turn on if touched or motion is detected.

However, there’s been an increasing email demand for another option to play audio even when app is not in the foreground and when screen is locked! This goes against the demand by other users to not run in background.

With Android v4.9.5, I’ve added a new Background Audio Mode option (in Gallery View, click Menu key). In this mode, and only in this mode, the app will continue to run in the background and play audio even when phone is locked (audio includes motion detection notification sounds if enabled).

In summary, the Android app will not run in the background except if you’re using widgets, record mode or background audio mode.


ps. the iOS version never runs in the background.

Anyone can have a home surveillance system!

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

With the latest record on motion detection feature in IP Cam Viewer Pro, now anyone can have a home surveillance system for almost nothing. Motion detection reduces sdcard space usage dramatically. I’m getting weeks of recording time on an empty 8gb sdcard (app will automatically recycle old footage as needed).

Search, view, export past recordings and view live, all with no monthly fees. No middleman servers/services which can be a security/privacy issue, massive ISP bandwidth usage, exposure to monthly fee increases, slow network access and potential disaster if company goes belly up or get hacked.

Latest Android version now supports motion email notifications.  iOS version will get this functionality soon. I switch between a ‘record home’ and a ‘record away’ group where the ‘record away’ group records more cameras and enables motion notifications for some cameras.

- old, left over android phone or tablet. Price: free
- cheap ip camera on amazon or ebay. Price: ~$50 each

- IP Cam Viewer Pro. Price: $3.99 one time cost

1) install IP Cam Viewer Pro on spare android device.
2) configure your cameras in IP Cam Viewer Pro (turn on record only when motion detected in Edit Camera -> More Options for each camera).
3) start recording, click matrix view button, hang on wall as a bonus display!

Finally, both Apple App Store and Android Play Store allows you to install IP Cam Viewer Pro on as many devices as you want (as long as you use the same account) so install it on your daily phone to get live viewing (use export/import or sharing to copy settings).

ps. for live viewing outside of your home network, you need to setup dynamic dns and port forwarding. some users have asked to record to dropbox. See above on why I do not like to send private video to some cloud service. If you MUST sync to dropbox or google docs, use FolderSync Lite to sync the entire IP Cam Viewer Record folder.

IP Cam Viewer icons and TV

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


The next version, 4.0.3, will use icons for all the custom buttons that vary based on camera model.  They will also toast their function when you press them.

More importantly, just before I was to start a 2 week road trip, I got a cool little device to test IP Cam Viewer on my TV.  Got it running in a few minutes but it’ll need some tweaking to work quicker without the mouse/touch gestures.

I plan to spend some time after I get back to play with it.  Pretty awesome to see the matrix mode on a large 40 inch TV.


ps. audio on iOS is progressing well. About 1/3 of the audio drivers have been ported. Will be porting Axis audio next…